Nexus One

Alls been relatively quiet on the Nexus One front for a couple of days hours, but we're getting more information about what's been floating around in the hands of Google employees. A recent hands-on by tnkgrl Mobile brings us the following:

  • It's thin.
  • It looks better than all the blurry pictures.
  • Had a 4GB microSD card.
  • Battery is 1400mAh.
  • Screen looks like it's OLED and the same size and resolution as the Motorola Droid.
  • No AT&T 3G on board. EDGE works fine.
  • The phone is unlocked.
  • No multitouch in browser or Google Maps.
  • No dedicated camera key, but same UI as in the Droid.
  • Weak flash, so-so for low-light photos.
  • Calls are normal calls. Not VOIP.
  • A five multi-pane home screen like Sense on the Hero.
  • MicroUSB.

Some of that well could just be dogfood issues, like the phone being unlocked. We'll still have to see about that. Multitouch is a sticky thing. Some of us can live without it, others can't.

[tnkgrl Mobile via Engadget]


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More details on the Nexus One


I bet the reason it's unlocked is just because they're testing it. Once it's released you can either pick it up on Tmobile or if you want still you can buy it unlocked. Doesn't T-Mobile have a new plan where you can buy an unlocked phone and pay it off over the 2 years or something? I'm not familiar with it as we don't have it here. Also, what's the point of having a smart phone without 3G? It doesn't sound like this was ever really meant for AT&T, just T-mobile.

If Google has it their way, they want it to be unlocked so people can adopt Android on more carriers, even smaller regional ones that don't have any android devices in their lineup. It would make sense, the simple (no HW keyboard) smartphone design costs less in materials and it's perfectly possible for Google to subsidize it for $200, just like how MS & Sony subsidize the Xbox & PS3 and make their money in software later on.

MS has cut production cost of the 360 back at the end of 06 so that every 360 actually makes money. Sony on the other hand is still paying out $40 per PS3 sold @ 299.99 probably more on the bigger unit.

"MS has cut production cost of the 360 back at the end of 06 so that every 360 actually makes money"


The Xbox 360 fiasco is losing Microsoft so much money that the hundreds of millions in online fees they force Xbox owners to pay every year and all of the other profitable parts of the E&D Division the Xbox resides in couldn't keep the division out of the red last quarter.

The 8 year long Xbox train wreck has racked up some 8 billion dollars for Microsoft.

What I'm hearing is it will be a T-Mobile based model. I would say it will be coming out in the next 4 - 6 weeks as there are already people being hired and trained for support of this specific model.

So, comparing the specs, the Nexus One _is_ the HTC Bravo? Only the interface (hardware buttons and Sense) is different.