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Well renowned battery case makers latest creation protects your HTC One with an extra 2500mAh battery on board

If you're looking to protect that shiny new aluminum HTC One of yours, and want a little more juice to see you through the day, then Mophie is here to help. A well respected name in the mobile accessory world, Mophie has been producing their range of Juice Pack external battery cases for the iPhone for years now. More recently, we saw a Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and now we're treated to one for the new HTC One. 

Available in black or silver -- although silver isn't showing as shipping until mid-May -- the Juice Pack comes with a 2500mAh battery on board which is enough for a full charge of the phones on board power plant. It adds a little in length to the phone, and some extra thickness, but doesn't seem to make it any wider and importantly doesn't impede either of those front facing speakers. And, it looks to cover pretty much all of that aluminum body. Extra battery life and protection combined doesn't come cheap though. The Juice Pack is on sale now for $99.95, and whichever way you look at it, that's a lot of money. 

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Mophie announces Juice Pack for the HTC One, on sale now for $99.95


I'm sure the HTC aluminum loving fanboys will buy this plastic monstrosity to cover up that metal.

Looks like an ideal solution to me. However at 5.5oz its going to add a fair bit of weight to the phone. Combined weight will be more than my Note 2 lol

Not a fanboy by any means. Just purchased a great phone and I personally couldn't care less about aluminum or plastic. I just purchased this case 10 minutes ago. Gonne come in handy for those long days away from home

That thing is hideous. This is one reason I require a phone with a user-replaceable battery where you can either have a spare on hand to swap out for more juice or an extended capacity one. No need to mess around with some external charging pack.

You do realize you're in the minority, correct? 99+% of people don't care. I have an external battery pack for my Nexus 4 and I've used it twice since December. I'm an average cell phone user. But even on the heaviest of days, I make it all the way through. So how about we all agree that most people don't care about a second battery and you and your other cohorts stop crapping on every thread because you don't want people to buy the One.

You're making quite a few assumptions there. Anyway, if a non-user replaceable battery works for you, great! I was just stating my opinion on how this thing looks and also why I prefer a user-replaceable battery. I'm not trying to crap on anything or prevent anyone from buying any phone.

What is your source that says 99% of ppl don't care? I go by experience and I see plenty of people who's battery dies at the worst time and wish they had a spare one or when I tell them "that's why I carry a spare" they agree that it's a good idea. These are average users as well.

yep. convenient. easier than plugging in an external battery pack. long work days where u won't be by an outlet.

Doesn't look that big compared to my N2 lol. But it does serve a purpose for those who are concerned with no swappable battery/battery life.

It doen't look that big, but it weighs 150+g and similar again for the phone itself. 300g combined is a sizable weight. Note 2 for comparison is well under 200g.

So all those, "we don't need no stinking removable batteries" folks are now singing the praises of a goofy looking behemoth of a "juice pack". This is hilarious. They probably won't sell many since according to the majority of comments the HTC One buyers are perfectly happy with a non removable battery and HTC One's battery life. But what about that beautiful case that is going to be covered up?

Ordered mine today. Have used the Mophie on iPhones and it is a great device. You can use it when needed and will get you thru most any situation. Great product for being on the road.

I've seen a decent few battery cases and that thing is UGLY, I thought I was looking at some new horrendous budget phone. Why does it have to be a 2500mah battery? I feel like they could have lowered it a little bit to make it look less obese and people would have been perfectly happy. Not to mention that price is ridiculous.

Those things aside, i'm glad to see mophie taking an interest and I always support the battery cases.

Yikes that is ugly. I just bought one of those external batteries you plug in when you are low. Better looming than this.

Heres hoping it's build quality is better than the flimsy, creaky, cheap-feeling, expensive version Mophie released for the S3. I am thankful it has the power to make it through the day, but man is it's build quality disappointing. It's only saving grace is that I didn't pay MSRP for it.

Why would you buy a juice pack when you could buy several batteries for the same price to swap out on the S3? No, you certainly do not have to defend yourself to me. I'm just curious what went into the decision making process. Maybe I'm missing something here.

I know it's merely your opinion, and you are probably a Samsung fanboy, but how does the One seem AT ALL hideous? The GS4 and N2 are hideous.

Well damn. And I was thinking that it actually looked nice. You all have me thinking I need to see that thing in person at the AT&T store before making my purchase.

for an extended case it really does look fine dude. All these ppl are whining just to do it. The ppl complaining about the weight are hilarious.

Could not agree more. Its still a phone at the end of the day not a dumbbell adding 5.oz is not that bad to me. This thing serves a purpose and its great for 1) the people that dont want to go naked and 2) the people that need that extra long battery life. Compared to my mugen for my s2x this thing is beautiful.

Yelp I just got mines today, yeah i could of gotten a external battery but i don't like being like everyone else. And I'm not a fan boy I just love new toys