This new action camera from Monoprice has all the bells and whistles, without the big price tag

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There's a good chance you have a cable or connector from Monoprice in your collection. For things that are important to Android users like Micro HDMI and MHL cables, or USB OTG cables, Monoprice is hard to beat. But they do more than cables — a lot more.

Cali and Phil spent 10 minutes talking with Luke from Monoprice, and we get a good look at their new action-camera, complete with Wifi, a wrist remote and a waterproof case. And it's just $170.

Stick something extra in the box with your next cable order from Monoprice.


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Monoprice is much more than just cables #CESlive


It's amazing how much stuff they sell. I've always wanted to try out their drawing tablets, the reviews seem to suggest they're pretty good. Are they as good as a Wacom? Probably not, but for the ridiculously lower cost they seem pretty good (from the reviews I've seen). I'm guessing the same deal here, it's not a GoPro, but it's also less than half the cost.

Primarily not just cables, but also adapters. We get all of our DVI->(Mini DisplayPort / HDMI) adapters/cables from them. I also use their wall plates, keystone jacks, and monitor stands/arms. I even have the MHD Action Camera (#10159) as my dashcam. Love it all!

Yes, Monoprice imports ALL KINDS of cheap Chinese CRAP! Not ONE product they sell is worth wasting your time with. Some will disagree, but anyone with half a brain can compare their products with more expensive, mainstream brands and see (or hear) a noticeable lack in quality in their merchandise. STAY FAR AWAY!

False. Whether imported or not (Chinese or otherwise), the overwhelming majority of products I've purchased from Monoprice in the last 4 years are of exceptional quality. I've purchased many USB and HDMI cables, as well as audio cables, MHL adapters, mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapters, TV/DVD wall-mounts, wall plates and connectors, and most recently an inexpensive 4-port 4.2A USB charger and a 8000 mAh external battery/charger. ALL of these have proven to be excellent products. The ONLY items I've been slightly disappointed with were 12V power adapters for iPad...the iPad plug separated easily, which I had to fix with some super-glue. Their customer service has an excellent reputation, too (I've only needed to personally contact them one time, but it was an easy experience).

I'm very picky about my devices and tech gear (and I own/use a ton of the stuff), and am someone who does a lot of online research before opening my wallet. I also like to think that I have a discerning eye for shoddy craftsmanship and crappy product (as a systems engineer at a leading aerospace company, I think I have some credibility there). I have zero hesitation about purchases from Monoprice. And I'm also assured that if I'm not happy with anything I purchase, they'll make it right, with either replacement or refund.

Your post would indicate that you don't actually do any business with them, or you are the unluckiest consumer in the country (maybe you received a number of faulty products from them). I'm not trying to be a jerk, but just wanted to refute the categorically false claim. Sure, not EVERY product they sell is top-tier quality, but in my experience the overwhelming majority of stuff is. That's what the customer reviews are for. 99% of the items I've purchased have been rock-solid, and not one of them would I consider "junk".

I'll also add or those that don't know, a large percentage of Monoprice products are nearly identical to some of their mainstream competitors, manufactured in the same factories to the same specs. For anyone wanting to start doing business with them, do like you would when shopping for anything online and read the customer reviews before making a decision.

So, no...if someone is looking for affordable alternatives to speakers, cables, TV mounts, anything A/V, phone and tablet accessories, and now camera's...check them out.

I agree 100%. I have been using monoprice cables for years. I have also used some of their ipad TPC cases and adapters of all kinds. Very similar to Griffin and other major manufacturer cables, etc. for 1/4 the cost.

If you don't believe the word of true gadget gurus and fiends, then go spend your money at Best Buy on Monster brand cables. Im sure the performance increase you will get will be worth the extra 100 bucks you paid. My gold plated HDMI cable from Monoprice works perfectly every time.

I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Monoprice branded gold-plated RCA cables come off the same assembly line as Monster cables.

In the past I have purchased and been very happy with Monster cables, and I don't regret any of those purchases. I have also purchased (and still have) a bunch of Acoustic Research A/V cables (from Best Buy no less). But with the advent of HDMI, prices got way out of hand, and that's what got me looking around. Now that I have seen the same quality for less, it's a no-brainer.

Speaking of which, HDMI cabling is the biggest consumer rip-off/con-job since wireless service.

Please tell me you're not the one who wired the Airbus A380 with monoprice cables and caused those delivery delays.

Took me a second to figure out where you were going with that. No, I don't work for Airbus haha.

In all seriousness, though, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Monoprice/Monster/Company-Z cables all originated from the same place (there are only a handful of cable producers). The only difference is that a company like Airbus would have very rigid specifications and would require rigorous testing of said cable before purchasing and installing them in their aircraft. Same cable, different customers. The producer/vendor would have to ensure/prove that the manufacturing process results in cables that meet those specifications, as well as provide test data. At least in that scenario the high cost is justified...can't say that about over-priced retail cables.

And no, I don't send out RFP's for A/V cable procurements at home...