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melotical says:

i love u ashley.

atlas9171 says:


lornaevo says:

This is the best part of monday morning.


debounce time is my favorite time

schaferan says:

Ahh yes, the debouncing was wonderful, wasn't it.

MrTurner90 says:

You,Georgia and myself should just run away together and have debouncing time everyday !!

My Monday suddenly doesn't suck anymore!!!

svargas05 says:

I just remember "It's debounce time...whoooooo!"

That's all I needed to remember.

Thank you AC. :)

Jay005 says:

Getting to the bottom of the Galaxy Nexus bug just made my Monday. I never would've guessed it would be debouncing... Ahh debouncing...

Needs more pushup.

myriad46 says:

Not to "go there", but I'm pretty sure she said "D" bouncing time.

moradroid says:

Mondays don't suck as much thanks to Ashley!

ronhoney says:

Could we get that debounce time in slowmo??? Pleeeeeeeeeze!