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2012 is here! And to help get things kicked off on the right foot we present to you -- Mobile Nations: Behind the sordid scenes.

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PingaDulce says:

Decent rack...

breugel says:

I agree and personally I like her wardrobe choices.

moosc says:

Think ashley hit the sauce a little to much this holiday season still a great video.

commonplace says:

So when will the opening sequence get updated? It still has PreCentral instead of the new webOSNation. :)


Jonneh says:

Best Mobile Nations yet! hahaha

rew001 says:

Meh. =/

dkear says:

Man I wish people would stop saying "Meh"

demontooth says:

You and me both. It's so douchey.

Droidus says:

Definitely a cute nerdy chick

Kronko says:

Not good at all.

sk8trix says:

How do I get those 4:08 minutes of my life back....????

rbess1965 says:

Don't worry sk8trix, you probably don't have much of one to start with, so you won't miss those minutes:)

greydarrah says:

You are hilarious! Probably a truly fun person to know. And you husband seems to be doing a great job behind the scenes. Who knew he was such a dedicated cinematographer? I look forward to your show every week.

curl2k1 says:

Love that SWTOR server selection screen in the background! :-D

netwerx1 says:

I feel sad for you that you noticed something like that...or noticed any background whatsoever for that matter...

curl2k1 says:

LOL Well, I mean we all know Ashley is hot, so why restate the obvious?

Hand_O_Death says:

Thanks Ash. I now had to play MC Chris's Fette's Vette in full. Awesome song choice

rbess1965 says:

Thanks Ash and hubby. You guys are cracking me up. You'll be going big league in no time:)

KCMike says:

Ha! This was a riot! I new there was a conspiracy on the wardrobe choices.

Quasar says:

Very funny! Are you really playing SWTOR Ashley?

That is, in fact, my very own Bounty Hunter. I have about 8 characters rolled, but focusing on a Smuggler, a Sith Inquisitor and the Bounty Hunter for now!


And for those unhappy with the video, you're entitled to your opinion. I still had an absolute blast making it. :) 

curl2k1 says:

Nice! I also have 8 toons. Sith Marauder is my main, although the Sniper and Bounty Hunter are really fun too. Will probably play the prologue on my Republic characters next,

Yeah! I have an Agent, too. Played one in beta, but came to absolutely love BH's options. I'm playing her REALLY mean! All dark side, shooting first, questions later. 


No loose ends!

Wicket says:

I think we need a mobile nations guild :)

Quasar says:

Just to clear up my statement, when I said "very funny," I mean the video is very funny. I didn't mean to imply that it is funny you are playing the game. I'm playing it too :) In the two beta weekends I was in, I played a smuggler a bit. I started with a trooper once the game was released but now I have a Jedi Knight almost the same level (early 20s).

Synycalwon says:

Ha! Awesome stuff! :P Always look forward to Monday's! Happy New Year! :)

Jordan jones says:

I found it hilarious how you summed up the news for all of the websites.

moradroid says:


nixter1 says:

So I gotta ask, what kind of camera are you using to record the show with?

Jay005 says:

Great way to start my week off. I liked the different take on the Monday brief. Great work!