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Monday Brief: Editors-In-Chief Look Forward


Seriously, I need to re-record that video. Done in February. I'm so much more buff and tanned now. Lol.  I wish I could put an undo button the internet. That clip will haunt me for the rest of my life. :)

That's okay. You still have the Harry Potter franchise to look back on with pride. That must have been tough filming that last movie.

Kevin is dreaming. Rim is doomed.
WebOS is a dead-end.
MS WP is not a threat, it may reach 3rd place, but will remain there.
Sorry, dudes. Long live Android.

Dear Ashley

The Mobile Nations crew should do a remake of the Blues Brothers. Phil and Kevin could play Jake and Elwood (Kevin already has the shades).

Kevin cracks me up, and to be honest I wouldn't mind a huge comeback on RIM's part, or even enough of a comeback to compete with MS for 3rd place... Who seriously believes Apple's gonna put out a $200 tablet? Even the touch gas typically been more expensive than that. Apple is first and foremost a hardware company that earns huge profits by selling devices at a premium, they're never gonna sell a device that close to the cost of building it. I'm shocked a so-called editor at iMore would ever give credence to that kinda rumor.

When will Kevin come to his senses and realize that RIM and Blackberry have more in common with the fall of WebOS and the Pre than the Apple's rebirth and resurrection with iMac's and iPod's?