With just a few more days until the big E3 2014 video game trade show begins, the folks at mobile publisher Gameloft have released the first teaser trailer for Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the next installment for one of their most popular franchises.

The trailer itself has all of the first person modern military shooting action players of the Modern Combat series have come to expect from Gameloft. The brief teaser shows what looks like a campaign mission set in the canal-filled city of Venice, Italy. That means players can expect to shoot enemy helicopters while sitting on a speeding boat surrounded by buildings that are centuries old.

There's not really anything else that's revealed in this teaser, other than the game is "coming soon" for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It's likely that a longer trailer will be released by Gameloft when E3 2014 begins next week in Los Angeles. Gameloft released some brief story details about Modern Combat 5 back in April, where the main character will have to track a terrorist group in a worldwide campaign that also includes a stop in Tokyo.

Are you a fan of the Modern Combat series and does this teaser for the fifth installment get you pumped up for the game's eventual release?

Source: Modern Combat 5 on YouTube

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steve short says:

Hopefully they'll fix the server disconnection errors that plagued MC3 and MC4

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Urvaksh_S says:

Modern Combat continues to push gaming on a handheld device to its limits. Making the boundaries between console and handheld gaming even smaller. It makes you wonder whether consoles would become obsolete in the coming, say 2-3 years?

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Thirte3nt says:

Consoles aren't leaving anytime soon, try playing Uncharted 3 or God of war on a Note 3.

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Kolten Nay says:

You definetly are not a console player then if you think that.

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Urvaksh_S says:

I'm not saying that mobiles are more powerful than consoles. All I said was that the technology has gone leaps and bounds ahead (with regard to mobiles) which is certainly noticeable and the boundary between mobiles and consoles is getting smaller and smaller (although there's still a major difference as you pointed out by examples such as uncharted). I'm not saying that a current phone is ready to handle a GTA 5/Battlefield 4/FIFA 14 but all I'm saying is that possibly in another 2-3 years that may be possible due to the progress of games on mobile.

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Urvaksh_S says:

Maybe obsolete was probably a word too strong to use... My bad...

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Phonication says:

Are they gonna force you to switch sides again like in MC4? If I don't want to play as a terrorist I shouldn't have to

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Zombienoms says:

Really hoping they have native support for the Nvidia Shield..

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seanjenkins says:

Hope it's not free


neonworm says:


Tilmue says:

Because free to play ruins games

The Bard says:

No release date yet? This game will be great on SHIELD.

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Last I checked, the past Modern Combats didn't support bluetooth controllers. I hope this one fixes that. There's no excuse for AAA games, especially FPS ones, to not support bluetooth controllers.

So true...