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Shooter game fans will be happy to hear that Gameloft's big-name title Modern Combat 3 is on sale today for a buck to commemorate its international launch on Major League Gaming. Unfortunately, Gameloft's other MLG title, N.O.V.A. 3, isn't on sale, but the competition for it is open internationally now as well. The first rounds started off in mid-August, but were limited in geography. Since then, they've been dishing out $250 first place prizes every two weeks or so, with $150 going to second, $50 to third, and an extra $50 to the top Xperia player. Players can link up their Gameloft and MLG accounts so stats get recorded quickly and accurately. 

Mobile has been skirting around this competitive circuit for awhile now, thanks in no small part to Sony since the launch of the Xperia Play and the PlayStation Mobile brand. Gameloft has been pushing their two big-name titles to the forefront of mobile MLG, and thanks to them we could in time see an interesting new segment of hardcore video gaming emerge. No doubt the upcoming Heroes of Order and Chaos will follow closely in the competitive footsteps of League of Legends and Dota 2. 

Any gamers out there play competitively on other platforms? Maybe some StarCraft II, or Counter-Strike? Anyone interested in getting involved with MLG can hit up their mobile site. Modern Combat 3 is on sale for today only, so get downloadin'


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Modern Combat 3 goes international on Major League Gaming, celebrates with 99-cent sale


Yeah, I love seeing a cool game this only compatible with Tegra chips and my EPIC 4g. WTH?! Seriously. The Evo 4g lte has some rocking specs that can run a game really well.

Same here! Not compatible with the Evo 4G LTE. Wow! This makes a few games now that I want and can't have.

Yeah there's a few issues:

1. It's Gameloft. They don't really support Android. IOS users have an update that bans hackers, gives a new class, new perk and two more maps. Read their forums. Gameloft does not care about you as a customer.

2. Lack of updates, of course.

3. Hackers in the multiplayer.

4. LOUSY multiplayer servers. Connection Lost errors all over the place.

I'm an avid player of this game, but the cons are almost outweighing the pros. Read the reviews before you buy.

Could these two games be more blatantly shameless rip-offs? It kind of makes it hard to take Gameloft and any coverage of them seriously.

Yeah, I don't think anyone's rushing to give Gameloft points for originality in any of their games, but I doubt we're going to see a proper port of Halo to Android any time soon. We might as well have a reasonably facsimile. 

I bought Nova 3 a little while back on sale for 99 cents but it does not run very well on my Play store Gnex. Even though it's supposed to be comparable. And it takes a lot of storage space on a 16 GB phone.