Mobiroo is hoping to hop on the popularity of mobile device subscriptions by offering users access to hundreds of top paid apps at a flat monthly rate. At the promotional price of just $2.49 per month, users will be able to download any paid app in the Mobiroo library, which it claims at this point would cost thousands of dollars if purchased from Google Play. The catalog supposedly has a good spread of top apps from multiple genres, and is continuing to expand. The expected price of the service after the promotional period ends is $5 per month, which still seems like a good value.

What will really matter in the end is if the apps you want are on the service. If they are, you could have a chance to save a lot of money if you'd prefer to keep a flat monthly fee for all of your purchases. It certainly won't work for everyone, but if the app catalog is robust enough it could be interesting. You can see more about Mobiroo and sign up for the service at the source link below.

Source: Mobiroo; PR Newswire

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sdreelin says:

And if they shut down do you get to keep your apps? Something to think about...

You can easily make backups of the apks of the apps you download. My concern is the fact that all their apps have permissions to scan your apps.

The apps you download have an extra layer of DRM encoded and stop working if you cancel the subscription.

The cost is low but I'd still prefer to buy the apps outright personally.

lordmorphous says:

I installed it to test it out and keep getting a message that an error has occurred with the only option available being exit. Maybe their servers are getting pounded.

The apps have an added permission to read phone app data, unsure if it is just a list of apps installed on your device or if transmits user data and info as well. I am a little Leary about any app that scans my phone.

rap1 says:

If you cancel, you loose access to all your apps (unless you've backed up of course but you wouldn't get updates)

npco543 says:

Yup, just like any of the companies pushing for software subscriptions, the idea (for them) is for you to continue to pay indefinitely for what you used to pay for only a single time. As is usually the case, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is...

atst44 says:

I'm not sure you can even use them if you back them up. Doesn't the Amazon app store require you to have the app installed to use. This app pulls the internet. Probably is called every time you load an app you got from them. Reads that you have canceled and wont allow the app to run.

Correct me if I am wrong. I would buy in if I'm wrong...

wjptam says:

Not for me. This will go belly up and leave all you rebuying all your apps.

I consider the business model fundamentally flawed and unsustainable. Netflix has had trouble with studios because the pricing model doesn't provide the studios with enough margin. Keep in mind the marginal cost of providing a movie or TV show to stream is nothing. Apps require constant updates, so what is mobiroo going to provide app developers per month that their app is going to be installed on someone's device?

N0sferatU524 says:

short term it sounds great but in the long term you're probably better just buying your apps straight up.

Ciaphuas says:

This is actually a great idea. You can try out a bunch of paid apps using this then buy the ones you wanna keep on Google play.

jean15paul says:

You can try them for free on Google play for 15 minutes.