Easily access all of Mobile Nations, all with one account! You can now also register and login via Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft!

Your most-requested feature is finally here! Instead of having to maintain separate account logins and passwords for each and every one of our five communities -- Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation -- with Mobile Nations Passport you can now access all of your favorite sites with one easy login.

Now, don't worry! Even though we've unified our account management, we know and love the unique identities of each of our sites as much as you do, and we're not changing that. The power to control which sites you want your account to be associated with is still all in your hands -- we're making it easy, not automatic and certainly not mandatory.  We're also maintaining your individual post history and forum profile on a site by site basis, so you get the recognition you deserve for each and every platform.

The video above will give you a quick, two-minute run-down of how Mobile Nations Passport works. Watch it, and then register or, for existing members, simply login to activate your Passport now!

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xeroslash says:


Tyegly says:

So in the past, fan boys of other platforms had to create an Android Central account to troll here and now all they have to do is log in with their existing account? This should be fun.

moosc says:

Crap I got booted from Tapatalk and can't log back in. Am I doing some thing wrong?

If Tapatalk (or any app/client) ever boots you, login to the site on the web. In a very tiny % of users, where there may have been username conflicts across the sites, etc., some changes may have been made behind the scenes to get everything unified.

If you login via the web, you can complete that account linking process manually. Hit up your Accounts page (under the gear in the top right corner). You can double check your username and reset your password there. Login to Tapatalk again after that and should be good to go. Thanks for the patience!

Zooks64 says:

Excellent! I was too lazy to change my username (I've been wanting to do this for a while now) and this made it really easy!

jean15paul says:

Sweet. Now I can enter contests to win phones on other sits, win, and then sell them to buy a Nexus 4.

(joking ... kinda)

Mobius360 says:

Great news

chaz_uk says:

Amazing work! Done and done. :D

abtxpress says:

So this makes trolling easier. Yay! Lol. Ladies n gents, please behave. :)

dchawk81 says:

Still have no idea how to manage my post history now. Email to support went unanswered as did my forum thread.

Is it broken? What's the deal?

RyJoDetroit says:

I would really love me some Nexus!

TRIPWIRE79 says:

I'd like to get a Nexus for my daughter. She wants an iPad but a Nexus would so much better than an iPad

GeeEmm says:

Love me some Android for Gogo Inflight Wifi!

teostar says:

Nice. I like this

All your Nexus are belong to us!

jefmoody says:

I think I'm in love!

IvoKovacka says:

How is it working?

dmlangdon says:

Let me win!

bc2k says:

As of today, I'm no longer able to login to Android forums via mobile browser. Others are reporting similar problems. Coincidence?

checko says:

Pick me pick me!

anh3son says:


etreme5455 says:


mamarz says:


So you're telling me if I'm lucky enough to win I get all those prizes, but not no members only jacket to show off that i won?

Nice to have a sso for android.

Nice Nexus 7 to keep the kids entertained
On the long drives. And short drives as well.

keithb2real says:

love it

jamesphil says:

Awesome goodies :-).

radiocycle says:

Lookin' for that N4!


bozodaclown2 says:

May yeah cher! This Cajun Momma is ready to win :)

cilviper says:

5 minutes to go! Nice!

Android Central looks very promising - looking forward to the next wave of Mobile Magic :-)

JHoodsLady says:

Thanks for always keeping me informed

Love the review of nexus 10. I'm a proud owner of a Nexus 7 and I would absolutely love to have a nexus 10 as well as the Nexus 4, also proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus if it's not a Nexus who needs it.