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Cubfan says:

Hell, yes! Hell, yes! Or did she mean the phone?

Hahaha!she's hot! I think I'm going to divorce my Evo 3D too, time for the Epic 4g Touch until the Nexus Prime is out.

etnpnys says:

Why does Madonna keep talking about Android?

ectoren says:

I am sorry....I just noticed the bouncy cleavage....what did she talk about?

lol...if her eyes or lips doesn't hypnotize you the cleavage will.

sl8125 says:

she said. blah blah blah. bouncy bouncy bouncy. this was the bestest mobile nation monday brief.

oh yes, i touch very much.

voiceonly says:

She's very attractive, but her voice is like chalk on a board

evobb100 says:

Hey folks why talking about this lady go head grab Motorola photon 4g and next month get ice cream sandwich

eguts says:

She said something????

jerseyboy357 says:

She had to wear THAT shirt, I didn't hear a thing she said. Marketing fail, or genius? LOL

rmiles7721 says:

I kept getting mad because they put captions on the bottom 1/4 of the screen.