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Ashley's year-end Failsies.


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Mobile Nations Monday Brief: December 26, 2011


Months and months of hype (showed off at CES). Delay, after delay. Just to fall short of expectations and be overshadowed almost immediately.

I suppose that's fair. I was just curious.

I'm a Bionic owner, and I like it quite a bit. I don't regret my purchase at all. But I do see your point.

The Bionic isn't a fail in and of itself. It seems like a pretty good phone, it's just that since it was delayed for so long and released with the vastly superior RAZR nipping at its heels, there wasn't really any reason for it to exist at all.

this girl is starting to grow on me. that snaggletooth is kind of sexy. she's kind of like a poor man's Cameron Diaz.

Besides the excellent technical reviews/opinions, I looked up & noticed that Ashley has beautiful eyes. Happy Holidays, Ashley!

Hi Ashley:
I like your weekly Webcasts. Each week they improve.

May I make the suggestion that you wear a lavaliere microphone and your makeup has to cover your neck and any skin that shows.

I am a TV professional.