Mobience keyboard

Imagine a full physical QWERTY keyboard - slightly larger than a deck of cards - that wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to your Android smartphone or tablet. On the backside there’s a microphone and earpiece that extends voice conversations just like a Bluetooth headset. Introducing Mobience, a Korean manufacture, that sells an accessory that does exactly that. I had a few minutes of hands on time with this yet to be named accessory at CES 2011, matched up with a Galaxy Tab. The keys were well spaced, albeit a little stiff to press. As you can see in the picture, I didn’t try to correct my mistakes. That said, with a little practice, there’s a potential of pounding out emails and word documents in no time. When your phone receives an incoming call, the device will vibrate, and you can flip it over and converse the same way you would over any Bluetooth headset. This accessory is currently available in Korean markets, with plans to release in the US at a yet to be announced date.

So Mobience, I realize this is a lot to ask, but please let me know what you plan on naming this bad boy, when it will be available, where I can buy it, and how much it will cost. When you get those details figured out, I’ll seriously consider buying one, mkay?  There's a picture of the back, showing the microphone and speaker, after the break.

Mobience keyboard, rear


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Mobience Bluetooth qwerty keyboard -- and headset


useless! (for me)

i mean there is a virtual keyboard .. why would you get an external one?! O_o

as for phones with keyboards .. it`s cool because it`s ALREADY there :)

actually on my old Touch Pro 2 i had a keyboard but i RARELY used it even when WinMo keyboards REALLY sucked xD
i wonder why people like external keyboards..!!

Doesn't look interesting to me, because it is not a "real" keyboard. Keys are not offset. Too small. Non-standard backspace and arrow placement. Tiny space bar. I wouldn't be able to type on that thing any faster than a good virtual one!

Unrelated, but way to go Cory! Just realized you've been writing articles for AC since Nov, good job bro and congrats on the promotion. Keep up the good work!

I have the Freedom keyboard. I use it with my EVO, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's not perfect, though. The backspace key is too small, it's too easy to switch into Japanese mode (shift+spacebar), and the keys aren't the most responsive. With that said, it's still faster to type out lengthy emails on this than the soft keyboard. I also use it to take notes when I go to seminars or symposiums, so I don't have to lug around my laptop all day.

I am confused - so this keyboard was featured at CES (in USA) and it was featured with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. So which Bluetooth Profile does the keyboard work with - HID? To my knowledge, the Galaxy Tabs in the USA does not have the Bluetooth HID Profile. I know first hand the Sprint Galaxy Tab does not work with Bluetooth HID Keyboards. I wish like hell the Galaxy Tabs in USA worked with HID devices and don't agree with having the profile stripped out of the device.

I'm a bit skeptical at the usefulness of a keyboard that is "slightly larger than a deck of cards." Seems awfully small...