Last week we got a peak at the MIUI Rom running on a Nexus One, and now it is available for all you Motorola Droid users! This ROM, still in Chinese, appears to be more stable than its partner that was available on the Nexus One. Jerry did a great walk through of this ROM already, so if you want to check that out be sure to do so, and for all you who like to try any and every available ROM, be sure not to skip this one! For instructions and links, be sure to hit the source. [via XDA]


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MIUI ROM now on the Motorola Droid


Am I the only one not feeling this ROM? I do appreciate the dev's work and the support of the community, but in this case I'm on the meh side of things.

You're not the only one. I tried the ported version on my rooted Incredible and "meh" was exactly what came to mind as well.

I thought it looked awesome to be honest. I would love to try it out. Alas, I still have no Android-enabled mobile device in my hands. :(

Man this rom is great. I got it on my droid 1. It flies and there are no redraw issues. Got almost everything running. Just a few more issues left to clear up. But its the best rom I've ever used.

I have this on my Droid also with a beta version of Manup456's Galaxy Miui theme. Loving the ROM...runs very well. The dialer/contacts are much more sophisticated compared to the stock android ones. Oh...about 98% of the ROM is in English.

From what I can tell the whole rom is in english now. I just installed beta 2 of galaxy s theme and it fixed more stuff.

Yeah put it on my Evo last night, pretty much everything you need to use is in english. Just random things like the folders. I love the new UI, but it takes a bit of getting used to. My fiance (iphone 4 user) played with it and said he might switch to a galaxy S Captivate if they release a rom for it.