Motorola yesterday held a live Hangout On Air to talk Moto 360, with design lead, Jim Wicks. Despite some technical difficulties – seems someone didn't know how to set up a proper broadcast! – things eventually got underway and we saw and heard a few interesting tidbits.

There were actual, working Moto 360 watches there, and while we didn't really see much of it in action we did learn a few things about the design choices and how it functions. We found out that Moto 360 will work with any Android device running 4.3 Jelly Bean and above and that Moto has some kind of 'secret special sauce' charging method employed.

If you missed the live show, we've embedded the replay for you up top. It's just over 20 minutes long, so grab a beverage and take a look.


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Missed the Moto 360 hangout? No worries, catch the replay!


Either way it looks like to Moto 360 will be the SmartWatch to beat. Hopefully it's priced competitively. Any thing over 199 will be too much, heck, anything over $150 for me would be too much. At $99 the Galaxy gear is looking good. Especially if once it gets Tizen and rumors are true and it becomes compatible with any phone then things will get interesting.

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It's only $99? I didn't know that! that is cheap! But I got a Verizon GN. I'm assuming that it only works with Samsung Galaxy phones.
EDIT: where did you see it for $99? It's $260 when I looked for the prices

Someone at Motorola has a great sense of humour.
Watch Mars Attacks! at 18:17 mins watch the same interview between "Natalie" (Sarah Jessica Parker)
& "Donald Kessler" (Pierce Brosnan) .
It's uncanny , the similarities of the woman's voice inflections & her movements to Natalie's.
She's even got the same question cards which she keeps looking at, as if she hadn't seen them before, not to mention the awful set with those tacky chairs.
Come on Motorola , surely you can do better than that.
Even the Motorola 360. " It's in the shape of the round" .
So's the international shape of the donut ( from the film).
I can see everyone doing circles in the air with this watch on.

Laughed so much i couldn't believe it was a true press hangout about a watch.
Had to check it wasn't April fools day. :-)

Oh, by the way. If it's a real product.... i want one because it does look good.

I wasn't thrilled about smart watches in general but this looks to be a very nice watch. If it's priced right I'll be picking one up

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more I think about it, the secret charging is probably just wireless. Just take off your watch at night, place it on your night table. simple.

LMAO ... so no answer (not even vague) on: Price of the Moto360, when it'll be available (even in the USA), and battery life?! Who the hell did Motorola send to even do this Google Hangout?! Absolutely assinine to insult a HUGE potential audience. If no information is setup by end of April or mid-may ... I'll skip this one and await another manufacturer that can design even better or just as good (hear me Sony) and then my hard earned spinach will goto them!

You sir are upset. Calm yourself the details will trickle out over time. First release it's existence and see how the public takes it then announce that stuff.

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Too bad you get pissed so much over this smartwatch, I think it's awesome. Hope the smartwatch you'll buy will make you happy eh ;)

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The times on the promo pic seem a bit wrong... But hey, I guess telling the time isn't the point of a "smart" watch...

Wow this sucked. This watch looks awesome but I won't waste any more time watching lame teases.

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