Minuum, the Android keyboard app that shrinks its keys down into almost a single line of characters, has concluded beta testing of its version 2.0 release, and the new version is now available Google Play. The app, a product of Y-Combinator startup Whirlscape, has been available since last year, but the latest version brings reduced keyboard lag, new languages and bug fixes. It's also available as a free 30-day trial if you don't want to fork over the $3.99 asking price right away.

Because of its small size, the developer says Minuum is suited to more than just smartphone typing, and it's already been demonstrated on smartwatches and Smart TV devices.

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KKILLION79 says:

Come on Android Central....where's the Google Play Links????

Works for me on mobile app.

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intrepid359 says:

Right under the video.

Glad they finally added a 30-day trial. When Minuum first hit the market, I emailed them that I was reluctant to buy into a new concept without trying it first. Their support told me to use the 15 minute refund policy if I didn't like it. 15 minutes to get the feel for a keyboard? Come on...

Perhaps now I'll give Minuum a try. I still think $4 is a little steep, but if it means a quality product, it might be worth it. I'll have to check it out!

I'll give this a look since it has a free trial. Good move by Minuum.

Chanlion says:

It's a great secondary keyboard for texting and IM but typing in passwords and emails are stupidly painful.
There's a pretty big learning curve.

You're supposed to use the full keyboard for passwords -- I believe minuum detects this and expands automatically if you're entering password on a native android app. If you want to force display the full keyboard for entering passwords (such as when typing it in the native browser), just press and hold on the keyboard with both thumbs. This is shown in the tutorial.

fuzzylumpkin says:

I don't like it, it's quite tricky to use at least at first. Corrective engine seems damn good though! I think I'll stick with gesture typing.

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False_Aesop says:

I think that I will give this a shot seems a bit awkward at first. But I think the screen real-estate will be well worth the effort.

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Dizfunctions says:

Wow, this keyboard is seriously good!

I just downloaded it from the link that the article provided

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Dizfunctions says:

Its a bit tough to use though. It'll definitely take some getting used to .

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DC Wuff says:

It's a pretty significant change from gesture typing on the stock keyboard, but it's interesting. Definitely worth a 30-day free trial.

RaiderWill says:

So.. the requirements again are "Eagle-Level" Vision and "Crack-Head" sized Fingers..
A Man NEEDS a Man Sized Keyboard.
We'll leave this to the children.

RedVagabond says:

You can change the size of the letters in the settings. The point of the keyboard is that it relies on auto-correct so you don't have to have knife thin fingers to use it. The keyboard takes a bit of getting used to because some of the letters aren't where you'd think they're supposed to be, but it's an amazing keyboard that lets you type very well. MILES better than the stock android keyboard.

brendilon says:

Nice to see the free trial. I'm curious to try this out.

sk00951033 says:

Gesture typing?

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Sbricky says:

It is hard to get used to. I got it on sale a while back , and just used it to type this comment.

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Paola1993 says:

Sounds like something I'd ditch whenever I had to write really fast.

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jyemenai says:

The keyboard isn't bad. Does take some getting used to. I almost wanna say it'd be easier if the letters were in alphabetical order but otherwise great. And you all do know it comes with a full-sized keyboard as well right? (typed with Minuum by the way)

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markluna1 says:

It's good but I still type way faster on a regular sized keyboard. With both tap typing and swipe typing. Makes more sense on smaller screens I guess.

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