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The app has received a solid update today with lots of background improvements and a couple of forward-facing fixes. One of the biggest improvements in this update is the ability to update in the background every 4 hours. While we'd prefer a customizable update schedule, background syncing is a big step in the right direction. The other improvements are all about speed -- Mint is claiming faster transaction downloads and overall load times, along with a quicker way to categorize transactions on the phone interface.

And the update wouldn't be complete without the nondescript "bugfixes" as well. You can grab a download of -- or update to -- the Mint Personal Finance app at the Play Store link above. 


Reader comments

Mint Personal Finance updated with speed improvements, auto refresh


The background syncing is a big improvement. It was annoying having to wait for accounts to update every time I opened the app (partly because it was glacially slow, so I'm glad they improved that too).

Definitely noticed many improvements with this update. Good job, a lot of these devs take one step forward and two steps back with their updates. Thankfully this one was a step forward.