Droid Bonic MAP pricing

OK, so my hopes that the Motorola Droid Bionic would go for $250 or so appear to be dashed. Boy can dream, eh? Here we have the minimum-advertised pricing for the Droid Bionic, marked at $299 (with contract and rebate, natch) starting Sept. 8.

The deal is that's the minimum price at which the DB can be advertised. You'll find it cheaper, but it'll be one of those "Our prices are so good, we can't even tell you" deals.

Thanks, anon!


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Minimum-advertised pricing puts Droid Bionic at $299 starting Sept. 8


Nice, but wasn't the charge released substantially after the MAP period started? Just one example, the others might be like this also. Would like to see it on the 8th though.

Only from a corporate store. I tried to do it at Costco and it was a no go. Called around...Best Buy, etc were the same.

No phone in my opinion should be worth $299, especially when you have phones on other carriers with the same specs tapering out at $199

In Canada 3-year contracts are the standard, so I often find myself paying full price ($599) for a phone just so I don't have to re-sign for another 3 years.

I have to disagree. The phone is actually about $600.00 and you get a discount for signing a contract. A practice not found many places but america.

That's the face of the 20 somethings in the US today. They expect everything for nothing. Give me free hotspot, give me a $199 phone that actually retails at $600, give me $30 unlimited data, blah blah blah wah wah wah. It's pathetic actually. How about this.....go get an education and get yourself a real job that pays more than your bartending gig. Company's are in business to make money, not to provide you a service at the rate you expect. if you don't like it, go to Sprint and see how happy you are with their coverage.

Ok buddy, Keep telling yourself that. My best friend has Verizon and gets raped up the butt for his plan and phones and 9 times out of 10 I have better data and voice quality on Sprint then he does. Now I wont argue that LTE takes a dump on wimax but your thought process is flawed. If that's the case I have a $60,000 Honda civic for you to buy. Oh that's too much stop you're complaining companies are in it too make money, stop being a cheapskate. See how ridiculous I/You sound. Just saying....

Im on verizon and have friends on sprint and multiple times I have had service when they didnt. I'd rather pay a little more each month and know I will have service wherever I go than save a few bucks and get in a jam and be unable to use my phone when I really need it.

up to 48gb with a larger memory card. Everyone complains yet a 32gb iphone which you can't expand the memory is 299.

That's what I was wondering. I'll check there first as soon as the phone comes out to see the price. It's usually at least $50 cheaper from Amazon.

It could be worse! You could pay $299 for a new BlackBerry Bold that has all the specs of last years best phones! LMAO FAIL

This is a pretty slick lookin' phone. I've been telling my buddy who has an OG Droid about the Bionic for a while now and he's just waiting to use his upgrade. Verizon needs to get this out the damn door already! Is it possible that Verizon or some other outfit (BestBuy, The Shack, Wirefly) might offer a $50 or $100 rebate to make it $249 or $199 in the long run? Hence, "our prices are so low we can't even tell you".

I've been looking at Moto recently and if they can get that souped-up XPRT/PRO, QWERTY dual core beast out to the masses, that'll be my next phone. I came from BB and honestly, nothing beats tactile feedback. I've tried all the keyboards from swype to swiftkey but still, nothing beats the real thing. I see big things happening for Moto in the future, especially after the mega merger!

No. Essentially they are saying the network it's running on is superior. LTE is better than Wimax and HSPA+.

Um.....price plans for existing customers haven't changed, so they have to make it up soemwhere. It's called business. Deal with it.

Considering that all those phones, as nice as they are, are on carriers using inferior networks that even THEY are ditching for LTE...it's no contest...YES!

Besides, if you average the higher price over the 24mo contract, it works out to only $4.17 per month more. That's less than 1 lunch out per month. If anyone STILL can't afford that, they have no business paying monthly service fees on ANY carrier!

I think verizons LTE phones are a little over priced, am I really pay $100 more for a data boost? I know its really fast but its a little much, maybe $50 more would be more sensable. I remember when I was hearing rumors about the epic being $250 that seem liked a lot at the time when I bought and I think other people thought that but not $250 is nothing.

NOBODY will have to worry about sprint following behind anything verizon does especially when it comes to proper pricing. Sprint is going on there 3rd and 4th dualcore monster device while verizon just has there 1st and the Droid X2 doesn't count since it is a 3g device. Sprint's lineup clearly rules all carriers period.

someone hasnt done their homework, the Droid X2 was the first dual core device, second was the motorola droid 3, third will be the bionic

even though they may be 3G devices, they are still very good devices, no use to being "4G WiMax" if you cannot get a signal

Sprint's lineup does not rule all carriers but Verizon's lineup with LTE Beasts (thunderbolt, droid charge, revolution), Droid Incredible 1&2, Motorola Droid series, iPhone

Good for you and VZW network, I had VZW TBOLT, I can't get even one par inside. The clinic were I work, and I had drop calls on I-96 in Detroit, MI. And in my house really weak signal too, I live in Canton,MI, I took it back and return to Sprint, at leas I have no drop calls. And cheaper. Price too.

verizon and moto will always win no matter how people think. The first dual core was a moto phone but it was the atrix first :) Moto will always come up with the latest technology

not it does not verizon let them go first and then verizon phones always destroy sprint phones. i have to admit the photon its looking pretttty nicee on sprint :)

not it does not verizon let them go first and then verizon phones always destroy sprint phones. i have to admit the photon its looking pretttty nicee on sprint :)

At that price point, what the hell? Might as well just buy it full price and not be locked in for two years. I'm still limping along with my OG Droid (since 11/2009). I'll definitely check out the Bionic in person and see if the pentile screen kills my buzz. The only problem I've ever really had with my Droid is that the headphone jack SUCKS! Hopefully they've fixed that.

The only other near-term phone I have a jones for is the Vigor. I like HTC. But I'm not sure if I have the willpower to wait for it. And I'm afraid the battery life is going to kill it. I know you're all gaga about the GSII, but I know too many people with Samsung phones that have myriad problems. And they're terrible about updating to the latest version of Android. Plus, Sammy screwed me for a LONG time on my "3D-ready" 67" DLP TV getting 3D capability, so I have a bad taste in my mouth for them. Not that that's directly related. :-)

I can't wait long enough for the Prime, especially if it's a Samsung phone -- as much as I'd like another vanilla Android experience. I have to jump in again at some point, and unless the Bionic just absolutely blows, I may have to accept it and hope I can sell it for a couple hundred if the Vigor ends up being the be-all end-all. That HD screen's going to suck the battery dry though, I'm afraid. Maybe pentile is worth it if I can get a full day's use without recharging.

Just my two cents.

I'm hearing so many people say $299 is understandable for 4G. I guess whenever a duo core Iphone 4G release it'll cost $299...yeah, I'm sure it'll be a much more reasonable $199 like every other iphone.

Why people are upset about the BIOINC costs 299 on contract ? while the Charge & the ThunderBolt costs the same ?
You guys got it easier with the whole contract thing , even at full price the BIONIC's - 600 USD is very good deal

that's a bit pricey.

If people could just wait 3-6 months, ICS will be out, and on even better phones. now is a terrible time to start a 2 year contract.

And who knows when they'll update the Bionic to ICS. They're having a hard enough time just getting the phone released.

"FUCK YOU" Verizon/moto, with a two year fucking agreement and 6 months waiting and lower tech screen, sincerely FUCK YOU VERIZON! You god aweful pricks

For Dual Core AND LTE I say fine...But not for that Droid Charge. Amazaon will have it cheap soon enough though. I hope it isn't too long after it's release. By October I'm sure we'll see some deals.

All this talk about which network is better. If you want faster speeds and don't mind getting rapped on data charges, than Verizon is for you.

If you want unlimited data (when you can get a signal), try Sprint.

Ehhh I've been thinking it would end up being $300. Amazon should have it cheaper (I think I've seen every new Verizon phone get on there at least $50 cheaper on launch day). I don't mind as much, if I'm going to buy a phone for 2 years, might as well get what I want. No way I can wait any longer for any other phone that I "might" like, compared to a phone I know I'll like since I like Motorola phones in general.

Sorry I haven't been following the Bionic drama, but am I the only one that sees that the word "Droid" does not appear in front of "Bionic"? Are we certain it will be in the Droid line?

How does a significantly lower retail cost lead to an $100 higher cost with upgrade?

They think the phone is worth less and costs them less to make, but the phone costs as much or more then any other phone when on contract?

Makes no sense...

$299 is ridiculous, I dont care what anyone says. In 2 months a boatload of us will be buying ICS based Android Nexus Prime phones which all appear so far to ship with 720p screens, no capacitive buttons for larger displays (or smaller phones) and 1.5 ghz dual core chips and 4g/Wimax/LTE/HSPA+ or WHATEVER flavor your carrier offers. A phone like the Bionic has no damn business going for 299 with those phones right around the corner. Its ridiculous. Wait 3 months and the demand for the ICS phones and the IPhone 5 will absolutely gut the prices of phones like the Photon, Galaxy S2, and the Bionic.

The same way the droid 3 went from like 199, to being $49.99 on Amazon before you could even unbox the darn thing.