A quick reminder that while the U.S. switched over to Daylight Saving Time a few weeks ago, much of the rest of the world makes the change today. And while our Android phones usually handle the transition with ease, it's still possible to see issues. So keep an eye on those clocks — and, more important, any calendar entries — today, to make sure you don't end up off by an hour.


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Mind your clocks and calendars today


Nope, the US is right on this one, and we should spring forward even sooner than we already do. More light in the evening is always better.

US should just cancel it. I know some countries don't participate in it, as well as some states, I believe Arizona. Florida is wanting to rid of it as well, better for tourism.
I'm all for getting rid of it.

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No it's not, the US and Canada both changed a few weeks ago, and it's meant I haven't had to drive to and from work in the dark for an extra month. Thanks DST!

Ummmmm... I agree with you, that DST is a wonderful thing, but it IS dark for an hour longer in the morning because of it, right? You don't gain daylight on both ends. ;)

Nice to know that there are obsessed abu's, even on the phone forums! Thanks for your interest in all things MUFC! And, to answer your question, whether we get beat by the best team in the world or not, I'll still be behind my boys. There is no shame in losing to this Munich team. So, where is YOUR team?

Ahaha! I'm a true Real Madrid fan for life, and yeah u right a true supporter never leave his team. Even though im hoping for u guys to do a miracle to kick them out, im gonna sadly be realistic lol. But good luck anyway

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Good on ya', mate! BTW, when you are finished with him, can we have CR7 back? Not that we need a midfielder, or anything!

Your maturity is showing, lol

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Thanks.....I am an andriod fanboy.....who comes in here to mention apple? on an android blog?

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Obviously, you do. And, twice, in fact. Lol

Only joking with you =)

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Never had a problem with time changes on my Android devices (or Windows PC's for that matter). They're rock solid! Can't say the same for a family member's iPhone, it always seems to struggle with the change (or time zones when traveling). I'm still adjusting too, losing the hour and the change of light always screws up your body's circadian rhythm. :(

I have never had a problem either. And since I use my phones for my alarms, I never have to worry about adjusting anything. Its really great actually.

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Nope. That's mostly an American thing. I'm wondering whats the "rest of the world" the author mentions because I'm pretty sure the rest of the world has no use for such useless custom.

A wiseman one said in regards to dst " if you cut the top off of a blanket and then sew it back on to the bottom, you do not get a longer blanket. "

Actually, you do not get less daylight in the morning because the days get longer as we're approaching summer (at least in terms of daylight vs dark). We have it in Slovakia (that's Europe btw, just in case someone is as geographically challenged as I am :P) and I always thought this was a good thing and never had a problem with it.
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