Verizon Droid Incredible HD LTE

Let's stir the LTE pot a little, shall, we? Well-known Verizon tweeter @black_man_x dropped a bit of a cryptic hint this afternoon that the rumored Droid Incredible HD -- that's the one that's been rumored to be coming Nov. 23 and looks a hell of a lot like the European Desire HD -- is "almost HD ... and LiTE as a feather." He later responded that it's the same device that BGR posted a pic of, and that the hardware has "been refined a bit."

Now remember that we've heard tales of the Verizon CFO carrying around an LTE device. It may be from LG, or maybe it's this one.

And let's stir the pot even more: Another tweet could point to an even higher screen resolution than the 480x800 we have now: "N u haven't seen red zone till u see it in HD," likely referring to the NFL Red Zone app.

So what do we know? It's no great surprise that Verizon's working on LTE phones, with its 4G service launching in the coming weeks. And now it sounds a lot like HTC may be at that party early. Thanks, Jared!


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Might the Droid Incredible HD be a Verizon Android LTE device?


BlackManX is usually spot on with this kind of stuff. Been following him since my Blackberry days. If Verizon is launching a LTE device by Christmas, well, that'll be huge news.

This phone is making out to be SICK!!!! In my opinion makes sense. You have all the Droid 1 owners hitting the 1 year upgrade, plus LTE rolling out.. why not break out a new top of the line phone. Droid 1 was groundbreaking when it hit. .This is the next step and what I and many others are waiting for. Droid X, Inc, and all the others are great phones, but nothing as groundbreaking as Droid 1 was or this will be..

I'm new to this website & I'm hoping everything said about this phone is true. This will be my first Android device, coming from years of a BlackBerry abuser. My storm2 is basically sold already & I'm just waiting on this phone to arrive. The rumors I keep hearing about this device makes me more & more impatient. Let's go already.

@wctaylor Good call...and that's my exact situation. Droid 1 has been great but I'm ready for a powerhouse phone like this. I'm just unsure of that big a$$ screen.

Does anyone know what the specs will be on this?

Also, I'm planning on transferring to Verizon next weekend and getting the Droid X. Will I be able to easily return it and get the Incredible HD when it comes out?

You have 30 days to try out the device. If you don't like it in those 30 days, you are given One exchange. You will have to pay a restocking fee though

This is the first phone that makes me want to potentially upgrade from my Dinc. My wife would love it too she will get the Dinc.

I finally made up my mind to get the samsung fascinate. And now this!!!!! This looks to be the most optioned phone for verizon, especially if it's LTE!! How can anybody decide on a phone when a new one hits almost every other week?

Ok - so I had pretty much convinced myself that the Merge was the Droid I was looking for, but if this thing is real and it's truly going to be that much of a step forward and ready for the future (Gingerbread and LTE) then I think I need just give up on getting a good HTC Android with a KB.

This phone seems awesome, but even if it has a higher screen resolution, LTE, and all that good stuff.. The question still remains:

Is it too early to jump the gun with DUAL-CORE processors less than 2-3 months away?

Hey, This is one of the phones that I have been waiting for and will allow me to retire my Nexus One. This one and the Dell Venue to replace the Captivate. It is the holiday season after all.

Every one is ready to jump to a phone that has specs that are only rumors. Even if it does come out as the rumors and does contain LTE, I will wait a year to see what else hits and possibly in 2012, my area just might see LTE and make the phone worthwhile.

This may not even be real. Probably be be light years away before lte is even realistic to most end users

Planning on buying what, a rumor? Please, these ac guys are living on a wing and a prayer with these stupid ass feeds.

Not quite sure what that's supposed to mean, but you can read the same tweets we are. Are they true? Dunno. But it's not like we're pulling this stuff out of thin air.

It's a tweet dude and every single phone you've ever seen or owned started as a rumor, leaked road maps, leaked internal images, someone said this and someone said that...every single one of them. When was the last time you heard point blank about a device coming out that NO ONE has EVER heard ANYTHING about? There's gotta be a prick know-it-all in every crowd.

Not quite, at least not as it's being deployed by Verizon. I believe that Verizon will use dual 10 MHz bands on LTE-r8, performance should be similar to what the Norwegian LTE customers get (which I think uses a single 20 Mhz band). It's marketing 4G but technically 3G.

You could say it's technically 2G because one of the requirements for 3G is simultaneous voice and data, and there's no specification for carrying voice over LTE yet.

This is the only type of phone I'd even think about giving my evo up long as htc doesn't pull a g2 on it.

If this is the case, this will be my next phone since that's why I'm waiting for, the first LTE phone and since I have the Incredible now, it'll only make sense to get the Inc HD.

And always a prick that can't help but to retaliate I always get a rise out if the weakest one!

Don't feed trolls.
This news coming out in next month HUGE news imo. In March ... not quite as excitng :(. Still, it does make one consider waiting ...

I doubt we'll see it in 2010, but I expect that it will be a flagship LTE launch phone in the Spring 2011 timeframe. Makes sense, and gives those of us with the first Incredible the ability to use our annual upgrade for it.

Wish someone would leak different pictures with it powered on. Wanted a new phone for Christmas, but I'd consider waiting on this if it drops in march.

I wasn't planning on updating my phone in April at my 1 year anniversary of owning the DINC. Also I did not want a phone larger than 3.7". Also I wanted my next phone to be an LTE phone.

It seems like the new standard for high end phone screen size is 4.3" so I may have to move from my maximum screen size to get a good phone.

I really like this phone. It maybe released with Gingerbread, the new SenseUI, front facing camera, LTE and a larger screen resolution. Remember that the recommended screen resolution for any phone/device running Gingerbread and having a screen size over 4.0" is 1280x760.

In April, I just may buy this phone and sign a new 2-year contract.

I've been trying to upgrade from my CrapBerry since the summer. I was gonna go with an Incredible and an annual upgrade. Then, just before my Incredible was delivered, the X was announced, so I sent the Incredible back. Now, I'm actually eligible for a real NE2 upgrade, and there's this rumor. I want an Android phone already! If VZW had the G1 back in the day, I would have gotten that instead of the Storm. I really hope we see this thing this month though. I never thought it would make any sense for Verizon to launch their new network without a phone to work on it. Especially with their heavy push for Android devices over the last year. And besides, this thing seems like it'll mostly be an EVO clone, and while the radio tech is different, why take the EVO and cripple it with 3G?