Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive has received a major update on the web as well as to the Android app. Using version 2.5 of the Android app, you can now share files by inviting people, sending a link, or you can even send files to another app. Users can also sort and move files between various folders on the cloud through the Android app as well as select multiple files to download at once. In addition to the new features, Microsoft also made a number of under the hood bug fixes and performance improvements.

On the web, various UI changes make OneDrive easier to use and more pleasant to look at. Larger thumbnail previews, including videos alongside photo previews, the ability to select a cover photo for folders or albums, as well as native publishing capabilities to Facebook of both digital stills and videos.

Microsoft is quickly revamping the service and adding features since OneDrive was rebranded from its former SkyDrive name, making it a good competitor to Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. OneDrive requires a Microsoft account, but you do get 10GB of free storage to start out.


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Microsoft OneDrive update improves file sharing, sorting and management


Microsoft is going to take over all the key apps... Cloud, sharing, etc... They are seriously rocking it. Thankfully, actually. Office alone is the best if you really need to edit on a phone or tablet...
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You only get 7 gb free starting out. You can get additional storage via referrals or by enabling automatic photo upload on your smartphone

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You get 7 GB initially and the app will ask if you want to enable automatic upload that gives you the additional 3 GB. I also recall the OneDrive site telling me to enable it on my phone for the additional storage. They can clarify in the article but you easily get 10 GB to start with,

Great timing AC, because today i uploaded all my photos/videos to Google Drive thinking it was a cloud storage and therefore would free up space on my phone. Only to find out that it did the opposite and ate the little space i had left. Im just looking for a reliable program that i can backup my photos/vids to and re-download them to my phone if i ever lose it, etc. To anybody reading this, which one of these(Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or any other good apps) would be my best bet?

You can use drive for this just when your done uploading them to drive delete them from your phone. I get 65gigs for space in my drive and have yet to even use a fraction of that.
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o ok and i can download them from Drive back to my phone? Also i saw an option to backup my photos to Google Photos, is that basically the same thing as uploading them to Drive?(sorry for asking so many questions lol)

Yes, you can later download your photos back. If you have multiple devices, you turn on synchronization and photos download to all devices from Google Drive (although can be bothersome when a few gigs start downloading onto your new tablet, let's say). I use Dropbox for photo backup, it has less space than Google Drive (unless you pay up for more), but enough for photos and then some.

What the poster above me said is true. I use Dropbox though, and really like it. It just works.

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My advice is to use the one that is included in your main account, like Microsoft or Google. Dropbox was the first to use the photo backup and that garnered them a lot of users but now that OneDrive, Google Drive and possibly other have this, it's a matter of convenience and storage.

My main account is Microsoft, I only use the Google one their services like Google Play, Maps, etc. OneDrive is my main storage since it started to backup photos. If my main account was a Google one, I probably would have made Google Drive my main storage service.

Dropbox is good and works well but the tiny storage they offer (those free GB's that almost anyone gets with phones or apps will eventually run out) and their prices which are now more expensive than OneDrive and Google Drive put it at a disadvantage. If I ever need to buy more space I will do it on my main account.

Just my two cents.

I use three services, each has it's upside but I mostly use three separate cloud accounts because I have a healthy amount of free space on each (25GB on One & Drive, 22GB on Dropbox). Just split my content, photos on one service, docs ands backups on the other, etc. If push came to shove and I wanted 100GB+ on a single account I'd probably just go with Google... They're likely to have the best pricing ands integration in the long run.

I've been comparing OneDrive and Google Drive for the past few months. I've generally stopped using Google Drive all together. No real compelling reason. OneDrive does integrate well with their office software. But I think I switched simply because I find the online interface for Google Drive (and calendar and email) is weak.The OneDrive interface lets me look at online storage, email, photos and documents all in one place easly.