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It's here, but it's short on some features next to the Windows Phone version

Microsoft has today made their Xbox Music streaming service available to Android device owners for the first time. The app requires an Xbox Music account to use, but essentially it gives you access to all the same music that Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone users have had for some time now. But, while it's great that Microsoft has made it available, it's lacking in a couple of key areas when compared to its Windows Phone sibling. It also doesn't seem to like the idea of tablets, since the Play Store is highlighting a lack of compatibility with them all. 

The first of those is the lack of artist based radio. It's not the end of the world, but it does mean you're basically limited to searching for music to listen to. The bigger omission, at least for now, is offline music. Unless you're connected to an Internet connection, you won't be able to listen to your music. Microsoft has said it will be hitting iOS and Android in "coming months" but for some, the lack of it now could be a deal breaker. 

Otherwise it's not a bad app to use. It's not exactly Holo, but it looks pretty nice, with a distinct flavor of Xbox to it. It's not mimicking the Windows Phone app, though, so it's more within the user experience we're familar with on Android. Grab the app for free now from the Play Store at the link above. Besides not liking tablets, it will also only be available in regions supported by Xbox Music. 

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Microsoft makes Xbox Music available on Android


And the small issue that it doesn't work with the HTC One, how about the GS4? Or does it just not support 1080p screens?

Posted via Android Central App From my HTC One

Not compatible with Galaxy S4.i've been holding onto my grandfathered subscription to see what they do with mobile. My Zune hd is great but they don't want anything to do with it anymore. Way to not have it work with the top devices.

It looks like a pattern with the Xbox apps, as the "My Xbox Live" app also doesn't support my HTC One. I sent their Android support email a terse note asking for One support and plan on pestering their Twitter support team until they acknowledge and fix it. But it may be too late anyway, because I've gotten All Access and have gotten used to it enough that going back to Zune will be pretty hard, even though I truly loved my Zune HD.

I just installed the Xposed mod for the Play Store to send the "Normal" DPI and it let me install the app, so if you're rooted and don't mind hacky workarounds, that will let you install it.

Is this the same as zune music? I would kept my subscription had this been available about a year ago when my zune hd died (trip thru washer and dryer). I had all my stuff setup in it. But finally deleted all my local files on assumption this would never happen, on Google music now.

Posted via Android Central App

It's Zune Pass relabeled since Microsoft is unfortunately trying to get services they want to maintain, away from "Zune" so as to not appear connected to a brand with more negative connotation than it deserves. In fact, Xbox Music is still compatible with the Zune HD, the Zune HD just treats it like a Zune Pass and continues referring to it as such without a firmware update to tell it otherwise.

I too cancelled my Zune Pass but not because I broke my device, but because Microsoft showed clear signs of leaving it go by hammering nails into Zune from every angle, despite denying what everyone knew was true - Zune was being retired. With that, I lost my grandfathered plan of $15/m for unlimited music and 10 free song credits which at this point is the only thing that could make me consider going back. Google Play music is far more convenient on my Galaxy S4.

Quote "Zune was being retired. With that, I lost my grandfathered plan of $15/m for unlimited music and 10 free song credits which at this point is the only thing that could make me consider going back"

Poor Brandon,

You should have never cancelled your Zune pass membership. When they retired the Zune the grandfathered all existing members. I still have my $15 for unlimited music and 10 free song credits. Unfortunately once you cancel you cannot get it back.

Xbox used to simply refer to the hardware however after hitting a home run with the Xbox 360, becoming a household name even for people who don't own one, as being a central media center now, Microsoft is using the term "Xbox" to refer to their media services. This is after attempting to do so under the "Zune" name unfortunately failed purely by even more unfortunate bad name recognition on an otherwise great product that died before it's time.

It's a little late, Microsoft. If you would have done this before I long since cancelled my Zune Pass, you might have still had me. Unfortunately your stubborn, arrogant approach to everything as usual, strikes again.

And this is coming from someone who still has and loves his Zune HD, but is preferring Google Play on my phone over "Xbox Music" now.

Now Google has to hurry up and make Google play music available in Canada

Posted via either from my Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 or Chromebook

I'm gonna guess not being compatible with my HTC one in the US is just a minor glitch that will be fixed quickly.

Posted via Android Central App

At last, I had nearly given up on this. Long overdue but glad it's here.

Posted via Android Central App

Now I have to decide whether I want to keep my 15 a month Zune Pass or finally migrate completely over to Google Music and All Access.

I've been an Xbox Music (formerly known as Zune) user for years. Soooo very weak that this long-awaited app does not play nice with my HTC One (or my 2013 Nexus 7). Let's hope it's just an oversight that will be corrected quickly!

It's not working for my Nexus 7 either...I think the better question is, what devices does this actually work on? Why would you limit the devices and not include the N7, Galaxy S4, etc?

My response to this is talk about weak. It is late to the market.
It offers less than Google Music, it would cost me more (7.99 vs 9.99) oh and it does not support Galaxy S4.
Come on Microsoft failing to support the top selling android phone for the past few months speaks volumes.

Better late than never! I like the xbox music on my windows 8 pc! We will see how it goes!

Posted by someone who is watching you...right now

I was waiting excitedly for this day. Zune Pass was one of the greatest music services in my media-consuming history.

And then Google Play Music All Access came out.

Thanks for the memories, Microsoft.

If they can enable the app be installed on the HTC one, I will sign up. I have almost given up on google releasing google music all access in Canada and the only thing stopping me signing up to Xbox music is an app for android. Also will make more sense to me since I got a windows laptop & getting xbox one.

Can this play local files I have stored on my phone as well? I have RDIO right now but I have to play the other music I own (which isn't available on rdio) through a separate player. I'd like to be able to access all my music through one app.

Posted via Android Central App

To little to late. I used to be in love with Microsoft, now it's just one failure after another...

Posted via Android Central App

Very hard to find out how much the service actually costs without signing up. Looked at the Play store listing and Microsoft's Xbox Music Pass page, neither mention how much it is after 30 days.

This screams deceptive business practice to me, so I'm not even going to try it.

Yea not this time MS. U abandoned us with the Zune. No way I'm buying anything else from u.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a galaxy phone as well as my fiance and we were looking to get aother zune because i have a zune pass still. Can we sync our galaxy phones to the zune software like a normal zune device?