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If you're in the market for a new microSD card — and we can think of a couple reasons (Exhibit A and Exhibit B) coming on why you should be — they're on sale today as Amazon's Gold Box deal. The bottom line? a 64GB card for as low as $35. Head on over there now and check it out.

A reminder, though, that SD cards work a little differently in Android 4.4 KitKat.

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exkerZ says:


exkerZ says:

I can't edit my comment? Well either way. Nvm... Bummed me out when it was a Samsung SD and not sandisk... Why would you use Sandisk cards to promot Samsung cards anyways?? Bleh

You can only edit your comment within like the first 15 minutes or something like that. And yeah, I was hoping to see some sandisk ones on there too. But Samsung's are good too.

udazavlanje says:

From my experience, Samsung SD cards are much better - more stable, than San Disk. Will buy one for sure

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exkerZ says:

Yeah I guess Samsung can work, but i prefer San disk. I have more faith in those.

xs228 says:

The Samsung cards are as good and in some cases better than SanDisk.

Bigsike says:

Appears to be only Samsung cards.

jestermx6 says:

Yeah i wish they were sandsisk. but frankly, my wife's microSD in her S4 just died this weekend and it turns out she was using a class 2 card. might as well get her a shiny class 10 to replace it, even if it is samsung.

Amir47 says:

Well it's for a samsung phone...

dwd3885 says:

Great deals. I'm going to get a couple 32gb cards.

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

I still have the same San Disk 32GB MicroSD card that I had in my HTC EVO 4G. The original. The one from 2010... It's in my wife's Galaxy S4. SD cards are so old school! LOL I love my Nexus 5 but I miss the storage. When will they start making the standard 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB options??? I'd buy a 64 without question. 128 if it was a truly future proof phone otherwise, you'll be getting a new phone before you can fill it up.

tdizzel says:

They will probably make 32 the standard when everybody needs it. Why is it so hard to understand that some people don't need or want that much storage in a phone?

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Bwahahahaha says:

I get the "I don't need that much storage" statement... but the "I don't want that much storage" part just doesn't make any sense. I'm pretty sure nobody would say I don't want more storage. Just my opinion. And I know the response will be "because more storage equals more money" but I don't really think it's all that expensive to have 32gb or 64 gb storage in phones these days. And as far as the "I don't need that much storage" statement... with the size of what's left over after the likes of Samsung get done loading it with their crapware and UI decreasing, and the size of a lot of apps increasing, I for one do believe people should have a minimum of 64 gigs at their disposal these days. 8gb, 16gb, and even 32gb aren't doing the trick anymore. This is just my opinion...

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old school ?

people still use memory cards for cameras , psp and phones.

jonnyships says:

We need to grab a USB floppy drive and connect it OTG to android and write to them.

Ronzdaname says:

Of course they would go on sale when I don't have the money.

jackwagon06 says:

Charge it! The American way.....lol

I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry

joshuaj11 says:

So if I get one for an S4 for my wife.. I can just put it in and she save all her videos and photos? She does have the kit Kat upgrade...

jkayakj says:

I have the s4 and the pictures save just fine on the SD card

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$35 is decent, but not the cheapest.

I bought my Sandisk 64GB MicroSDXC card from Amazon for only $31 each, with free 2-day Prime shipping,
back in December. (sold and shipped directly from Amazon.com LLC, not third party sellers which are usually

MonkeyNews says:

Yeah I got shafted buying a 32g for £20, month later it didn't work on any device. Didnt reply to any of my email so Amazon stepped in and gave them a slapped arse.

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Andvarix says:

Was excited to see this, then clicked the link... oh.... Samsung.... pass.

jackwagon06 says:

Why, is it a laggy sd card?

jlczl says:

They're actually highly rated in most reviews......even more so than SanDisk. I guess most people aren't that well informed.

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Or they just hate Samsung because they do like their galaxy s4 or something.


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Ben Joynes says:

Damnit I just bought 2 64gb cards 2 weeks ago.

mcook1670 says:

If you got it from Best Buy or Amazon, they'll probably do a price match. I got Best Buy to price match Amazon on a Moga Pro contoller just the other day.

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MS3GT says:

Just got another 64 giggy. Had to replace my broken one.

I am Aquaman!

Jay Holm says:

People are commenting that these are Samsung memory cards instead of San Disk. So what! 64gigs is just that, 64gigs! Are people aware that the internal flash memory of Iphones and Ipod touch are all Samsung flash memory? I can't believe people are making an issue over this!

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As an android fanboy, I don't really care what's inside an iPhone or iPod. But you're right. Its not like these cards are shit cause Samsung's name is on it...

Jay Holm says:

Exactly! The point I was trying to make is that Samsung is a trusted and known name in flash memory.

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ayg says:

So whats the difference between the "Pro" 64GB Class 10 Samsung card and the "Plus" 64GB Class 10? Other than me saving 14 bucks?

SlimJ87D says:

Read and wire speeds.

dragonsamus says:

Sweet! Picked one up.

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A895 says:

Sucks that most high end android phones are internal storage only.

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chazglenn3 says:

Go to www.meenova.com and buy a Micro SD Card reader. I use one with my LG G2.

jc_17 says:

So what's wrong with Samsung? I've been using a Samsung 64gb sdcard and don't see anything wrong with it

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jlczl says:

Nothing. They are good cards. Most people don't even bother researching though. They just read Samsung and dismiss it.
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Zig261 says:

Why dismiss it because it's Samsung? Is there a difference between them and SanDisk?

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jc_17 says:

That's exactly what I meant.. I don't understand all this Samsung hate as of late

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heathroi says:

if you have issues with kit kat's sd card restrictions, its been fixed for you if you're rooted


udazavlanje says:

Samsung is not bad, people. On the contrary, I had a much better experience than with San Disk

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estebancam says:

You can also go to Best Buy and have them price match the SD Cards if you don't wanna wait for shipping.

Plus it will support your local community a little better.

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Amir47 says:

Must have sold out. All the 64 GB cards are $50+

mcook1670 says:

Might try Best Buy to see if they'll price match.

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jimbo says:

64 GB SANDISK class 10 micro are temporarily on sale for $35 at RadioShack.

mcook1670 says:

Click on more buying options and select Amazon for the cheaper price, I just checked and they still have 10 of the 64GB card, not the pro for $35! Not as fast read and write speed, still plenty fast for use in a phone.

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dante501 says:

Not bad but i found a Better deal on 64 GB Class 10 Samsung micro sd card. 15.95 $ you cant beat that.


jackwagon06 says:

Nice find dante! Thanks, just bought 2.

dante501 says:

No problem. Lets hope it is no knock off. But if it is u always have eBay buyers protection.

retsaw says:

At that price it is almost certainly a fake. It will be a smaller capacity card programmed to show up as 64GB but when you use over a certain amount, you will get data loss. If you want to test a SD card/memory stick really has the capacity it advertises you can use a program called h2testw on your computer, it is a Windows program but works under WINE.

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Hardly anyone uses SD cards now unless they are rocking Samsung devices. Shame really because Its still loads cheaper to go with a SD card to gain more storage rather than buy a device with bigger storage

DJCBS says:

If only they weren't only Samsung cards...

dante501 says:

What is wrong with Samsung SD cards? They work just fine in any of my devices.

Warrenisit says:

Ok... They're Samsung cards. Can someone explain the difference and what makes the SanDisk cards better? Or if that's there's no difference and people are just hating Samsung.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

jackwagon06 says:

You answered your own question....

atg284 says:

I have a 64GB one in my Note 2014 tablet and it has been 100% 5 months running. They are good cards. Just bought another one for my near future new phone! :D

RJV3 says:

San disk cards on the promotion but actually selling samsung sd cards? Please explain the logic.....

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Jax Omen says:

These prices are "ridiculously cheap"?

I bought my 64GB Class 10 Sandisk for $40 last June, wasn't even a sale price.

WTF happened? Or are Samsung SD cards just normally far more expensive?