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Samsung's mysterious Galaxy Alpha may be set for an official unveil as early as next week. The South Korean manufacturer has been rumored to be working on a device with a metallic chassis for a long time now. While earlier rumors referenced a high-end flagship dubbed the Galaxy S5 Prime, lately we've been hearing of a device with a much more modest spec sheet, which will allegedly be called Galaxy Alpha.

SamMobile, which has managed to snag pictures of the device earlier this month, mentions that the mobile will be launched on August 4. The device is rumored to feature mid-range hardware in the form of a 4.8-inch 720p screen, 32 GB internal memory and a fingerprint scanner. Essentially, the Galaxy Alpha is being positioned as a Galaxy S5 Mini with a metal body.

The timeline makes a certain amount of sense considering that Samsung will be focusing its attention on its next generation flagship, the Galaxy Note 4, which is slated for a launch at the IFA in Berlin in the month of September.

Launching the Galaxy Alpha a month ahead of IFA would give Samsung enough time to generate interest in the device before it eventually unveils the Galaxy Note 4, rumored to feature a three-sided display among other innovations.

What do you guys think of the Galaxy Alpha? Will the device be the catalyst that overturns Samsung's recent decline in fortunes? Let us know in the comments.

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Metal-clad Galaxy Alpha allegedly set for an official launch next week


That's the stupidest thought I've read this morning.

That being said: I imagine this metal body will become commonplace on Samsung phones if its well received.

I saw metal-clad Galaxy, and it made me smile, like when you smile at someone who doesn't have a high mental capacity.

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I think the entire purpose of this phone is to compete with the rumored 4.7 inch iphone 6. They would almost be identical. But if Samsung releases it first then apple cant sue them lol

So you think because Apple is making a bigger device to compete with Android phones (as they seem to think we only like Android for the screen size) that Sammy is going to make a smaller, low spec device to compete with it? Sounds silly reading it from someone else, doesn't it?

The only good thing about it is that it has 32gb of internal storage.
Samsung needs to focus on much fewer devices

This is highly disappointing... My upgrade is in 2 weeks and I was hoping for something a little bit more spec heavy. I guess I'll have to wait for the Note 4 before I make my final decision.

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Keep in mind this isn't the supposed Galaxy F (prime), but is something else entirely.

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I agree that this is something else entirely, but is there any evidence that the Galaxy F exists? It now appears that all of the rumors may have been pointing to what ultimately will turn out to be the Galaxy Alpha, which isn't all that exciting.

Man I keep looking at the HTC One M8 but that camera is turning me off. I get excited for every product release but it seems that the big guns from all the companies will come out around the iPhone 6 launch.

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Same for me. I love the M8's design and build, but the camera is just a turn off. Ended up going with the G3 until I see what the next iPhone is like.

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In my experience the only time it's awful is if some god forsaken reason you want to blow up pictures from a smartphone. In addition to that every smartphone on the planet is awful in certain situations.

"God forsaken reason". You mean like for documentation purposes of before and after repair work? Like a lot of small businesses and self employed people do every day?

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It would be great if they go with a 1080p screen. And best specs. Bet they will charge a premium for this even though the build cost is minimal.

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You should try the LG G3. I upgraded from my note 3 to this. It's actually a pretty solid phone. Still have the note 3 just in case though.

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Yeah well the G3 is by far the best phone on the market. The iphone will be another flop with a bunch of stolen Android ideas that Android had 2 years ago.

But .. people will just .. slap a plastic case on it and cover up the metal.

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Looking pretty isn't the only reason for metal. It is sturdier, and less prone to the squeaking and flexing samsungs plastic phones are known for.

Where's the scratch and dent rant NoNsense?

Would it be awful if the Note 4 was a heavy metal slab instead of a creaky plastic slab?

Just asking!