Merry Christmas

From all of us here to all of you out there, we wish you the most splendid of holidays. Here's hoping each and every one of you found a little bit of Android with a bow on it today.


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Merry Christmas from Android Central!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at Android Central! Enjoy all the great moments, especially this season. I can't ever thank you all enough for all of the fun, help, information and smiles that you've provided with me throughout the past few years! I always look forward to checking out Android Central for all the latest and greatest news of Android! Love you guys! Thanks again!

Merry Christmas to you all!! And thank you for the wonderful job you do keeping us in the loop all year long!!

Merry Christmas to one and all at Android Central and, all the participants and their families. May God bless you all and our great country!

I got a Nexus 4 for my birthday 3 days ago and I love it and my sister got one for Christmas, while my friend Conner got a Nexus 7 [in lieu of Nexus 10 which was sold out C:]

Merry Christmas to all of you at Mobile Nations and your families!!! And Merry Christmas to all of the members of each mobile platform and your families!!!

Merry Christmas Android I hope you all had a restful day with your loved ones. Me, I received a heap of purple gifts even though I could not afford to give back. But us being together was the giving in itself.

Thanks for being here and doing what you do Phil, Jerry and the entire staff of!!

now if google can get their products in stock, i can get my Nexus 10 ordered so i can actually play with my Christmas gift...