Holy moley!  What you're seeing is thisisbenji's poor HTC Evo 4G after an early morning bicycle mishap.  While we hate to see any smartphone in such a clearly painful condition, especially an Android phone, we're as amazed as you are that it still runs.  Read the whole story, and see the carnage up close in pictures, in the forums! [Android Central forums]


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Member's Evo took a licking, but keeps on ticking


OMG I can't look! Is it bad?

I know of another fella who dropped his Evo down a flight of stairs and it smashed to bits. He had the insurance so he gets a new one. Hopefully this does too.

Can't dog HTC for their build quality after this and remember the scorched D.Inc.

I agree. I dropped my evo on Friday I forgot it was on my lap when I got out the car (after the service and repair center closed). Face down and now my upper right hand screen (yes the part right above the front camera). Is cracked... There's even a chunk of glass missing. Everyone I've showed it to so far has had a worse reaction then I did when I dropped it Surprisingly it still works and my front camera works perfectly ... even tho my hats off to HTC! Monday when that svc & rpr center opens ill be first in line.

It isn't, I'm just saying this can happen to gorilla glass too, before a droid owner came in and tried saying if it was gorilla glass it wouldn't of happened

Sounds like you need to get a case and insurance... Soon. Might not be so fortunate next time around. I have had some crazy close calls and near misses with mine. I want to put two cases on "my precious..."

MY Gawd!!!! I had to hug and kiss my Evo after looking at this picture!!! I have seen some horrors in my day, but THIS... Words can't describe it.

The Droid X is as strong as Super man. The X will never bend. lol. Just kidding guys. Hope everyone has a good rest of the day.

that is one thing im afraid off when i ride my Yamaha R1 with my evo.. Things can happen so i keep my insurance up... RIP little evo!

My phone definitely didn't take such a cosmetic beating but have to admit that someone not too nice threw it against a wall...no marks, mars, problems...I have to say one of the best built phones I have had...although not going to test it any further :)

I dropped my Evo in a puddle of water getting out of my car on a rainy day with my Evo in my lap felt really bad but I'm posting this with tbe sans Evo..... YAH EVO rocks lol

I could not go minute with a beat up phone like that.

I'd be at the Verizon Store in a second. (Rocking a rooted Droid Eris)

A puddle? Lol during a drunk camping weekend last month i jumped in the cabins hot tub with my X in my pocket! Battery pull air dry and here i am! Woot. Woot X is alive.

Same exact thing happened to my Storm2 and it worked perfectly still. Traded it in through insurance anyway because I couldn't deal with the spider-webbed screen lol.