Gingerbread about screen

We can't vouch for the validity of this about screen, but GizmoFusion swears it's Android 2.3 Gingerbread. And maybe it is. Or maybe it's someone with a text editor and about 45 seconds of free time. Could be either one. And regardless, we know darn well that Gingerbread is coming, thanks to the Gingerbread statue arriving at Google last week. So, yeah. [GizmoFusion via Android Community]

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jelly roll says:

it's coming but you know about these things Corey and Phil

Aylarth says:

Gingerbread was announced as 3.0, this one is 2.3
I'm not impressed.

Yeah? By whom? Link?

ls377 says:

It was never announced, just a bunch of bloggers assumed it would be 3.0 (then 2.5, now 2.3). Google has said nothing about Gingerbread.

I seem to have some free time, I think I'm going to update my phone to Android 6.3 Mocha :)

There's a thread for that :p

Create your own fake screenshot thread

icebike says:

Google has said nothing about Gingerbread?

Thats not what I'm reading.

They mounted a gingerbread statue on their lawn.

cesarb says:

Im guessing he means that Google didn't anounce what X.X Gingerbread is gonna be because google did anounce gingerbread...

sookster54 says:

It was NOT officially announced as 3.0, Andy Rubin said "Gingerbread will be either 2.3 or 3.0", and from the list on wikipedia, it doesn't look significant enough to be 3.0 but time will tell.

iPwn says:

Just for kicks, I'm betting that Gingerbread is Android 2.3 and not 3.0.

ThePhoneNerd says:

I love Gingerbread - Looking forward to the LG Gumdropbutton and the HTC Frosting.

theglock says:

Did ANYONE even read the article stating that "...the next major release of Android will be 2.3..."?

jelly roll says:

Ice bike in the podcast are you icebone?

notty says:

Maybe this is a COMPLETE waste of readers time. What a cheap attempt at getting more hits to your site. A useless screen shot, way to raise the journalism bar.

NewLife says:

It's OK by me...these are just the sort of cheap thrills I'm after!

wg#AC says:

I am not looking for a cheap thrill I am hoping and looking for gingerbread to solve my droid x real problems. Is wishing that the X gets gingerbread to address the current problems to much to ask for...

Considering the baseband version is blanked out, I bet it's not legit.