Marvel celebrates Comic-Con with 99-cent access to 13,000 comics

Marvel Comics has announced that it is letting people access the over 13,000 digital comic book issues in its Marvel Unlimited online service for Android for just $0.99 in a special promotion deal.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Marvel Unlimited, it's basically offers a way to read lots of comics like Spider-Man, X-Men and Avengers for one monthly fee, with new issues added every week to its library of titles. Normally, the cost of the service is $9.99 a month but for this week only you can sign up for the service and have the first month cost just $0.99. There's also an option to pay $69 for an annual subscription.

There are a couple of catches with Marvel Unlimited. One is that you can only download and read up to 12 comic book issues at a time on your device. The other catch is that the most recent issues of the company's comics are not available on the service. Marvel Unlimited typically waits six months or more to offer its latest issues on the service. Marvel Unlimited is just available for US residents.

What Marvel Comics do you plan to read if you sign up for this $0.99 cent promotion offer.

Source: Marvel Unlimited via Wired


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Marvel celebrates Comic-Con with 99-cent access to 13,000 comics


Is your name Nick? I followed the link you provided and after I created my account and was sent to the billing page, there was a bunch of info pre-populated for the billing info, including name, address, etc...

Thanks! (I recommend the Author adds this information to the original article)
I haven't confirmed this code, looks like Marvel's site is overloaded right now. Will check again soon

Wow I like the reduced price!

No problem, I can easily live with only 12 issues at a time.

What's that? The issues are 6 months behind. Well, not so good, but I can go with that too.

Wait, what? Only available where? Ah. That's a deal breaker for me as I live in one of the other 200+ bits of the planet that aren't labelled US.

Maybe the US-only part should be mentioned up front before the minor restrictions?

Nah dude the 12 issues is just saved on your device at a time, you can "stream" as many as you like.
Yeah 6 months behind.
And it's the plus subscription that's just the US because there's physical stuff. It's the default subscription so you just change it to monthly or annual subscriptions.
I just did it from the UK and it's fine. but I am having some login/session issues.

The 12 issues are only for offline viewing. You can view as many issues as you want through the interwebs. They have readers for the web as well, including a Chrome webapp.

Er, not sure where you got the US-only requirement from, but I was quite happily reading Captain America comics on my tablet this afternoon, and I'm a long long way from the US. I'm signed up with a Hong Kong credit card, from a Hong Kong IP address, and after a quick poke I've got 3 months free access as a "Samsung Gift" with the Tab S 8.4 I bought a couple of weeks ago...

Unless there's a US requirement on this specific offer, you might want to edit that bit out.

I'd love for them to add an option to allow access to current issues. I currently pay around $20/month for hard copies of the titles I read. I'd pay around $20-25/month for access to all new releases each month, even knowing that I don't actually own them.

I like the idea of the reduced price and there are tons of comics I'd love to start and read and don't mind paying for current issues. It's a back log of probably thousands of comics that's more important.

But why not comixology. I know marvel is marvel but damn. So tempted. Have too much on comixology though.

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I cant even get to the checkout page. Stuck at it loading the page to sign in. Tried a few times now with different browsers as well.

I was able to sign up I believe later in the evening or the following day. DL the respective apps for my devices but havent yet read one comic yet. Set up a reminder on my phone to remind me to cancel prior to renewal too.

First month billed at $0.99; subsequent months billed at then-current monthly subscription fee (currently $9.99/month). Auto-renewal and other terms and conditions apply;

I hate the auto-renewal policy!!! Screw that!!


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