Imagine, if you will, walking down the road talking on your Droid 2 when all of a sudden you hear a loud pop in your ear and the next thing you know your ear is bleeding. Not a nice thought by any means but that's exactly what happened to Aron Embry from North Texas. As noted in the news report Aaron, was taken to the hospital for assessment where doctors determined that no hearing loss had taken place but four stiches were indeed needed due to the lacerations from the glass. Motorola has since issued a statement regarding the incident:

"Motorola's priority is, and always has been the safety of our customers, and all Motorola products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed international and local standards for consumer safety. We will reach out to the consumer and investigate this thoroughly."

Now, despite Aaron having had this happen while using a Droid 2 we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that instances like this have actually become more occasional; it's not just with the Droid 2. Please, no comments about explosive Android sales folks, that's just bad. You may like to know though, the phone actually still works. You can check out the full video of the news report at the source link. Thanks SooperDooper! [WFAA]


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Man hospitalized after Droid 2 screen explodes in his ear


Would love to know what caused it to explode. Was it pressure from a tight grip, was it heat from outside or inside the unit, etc?

Would also like more information on that statement in the article, "'s not just with the Droid 2." What others phones? This is the first I have ever read about an exploding Droid.

Curious? Wonder if he was rooted, with some custom ROM, or was this stock?
Arguments can be made this is a hardware malfunction, but it can also be a super tweaked rom that caused it to fail ?
Either way im using speaker phone from now on! lol

Probably a good idea, I'd hate to imagine if the phone exploded while in my front pants pocket, which is where mine usually is while talking with BT or a corded headset.

Seriously, probably a good idea to make sure the glass on your phone is pointed AWAY from body parts whenever possilble.

there is a difference between exploding and having the glass pop. Its not as if *Throws his phone* EVERYONE HIT THE DECK!! *dives for cover as the phone destroys everything in a 1 mile radius*

Where that damage is there is nothing there that could "explode". However glass popping...possible.

F**KING HELL! It just randomly exploded, he should be getting hundreds of dollars worth of compensation from Motorola AND Verizon!!

I wonder what caused it to explode. Might if been a drop of sweat the got into it and caused a short or maybe a defect.

And iBooks, and Macbooks, and MacBook Pros, and PowerBooks. Apple wrote the book on devices that burn. Go ahead and Google search: Apple Powerbook Hibachi

People are already calling this BS, stating the glass breakage pattern doesnt resemble a outward explosion and that the man does not have health insurance so it could be that he is looking for a check to cover his medical expenses.

Agreed. I'm calling shenanigans. There's no "explosion" without something overheating.

What "exploded"? Looks like broken glass to me. Looks like a case that's inappropriate for that device (looks metal?)

While I feel bad for the guy, this looks like a broken glass screen to me...

Hopefully this individual will be able to gain some sort of compensation from Motorola. Regardless, I would be very interested to find out the exact cause for this explosion. Aaron is lucky it wasn't in his pocket, near his "you-know-what". Looks like speakerphone and a side case from now on for me.

This looks like the cover of National Enquirer magazine. I hope this really gets investigated as the image does not appear to be an outward breakage.

It blew against his left ear, so he must be left-handed. Obvious answer? He was holding it wrong.

What part exploded though? It certainly doesn't look like the battery.

If there's some sort of defect, we could be seeing a consumer recall here. I wonder what Motorola has been putting in its phones?

Rooted? Overclocked Processor? Overheated? i wonder if Motorola will check the actual phone, and if this would change the outcome if MOTO was thinking of conpensating him?

I see that using Verizon is hazardous to more than just your wallet!

I hope the guy is ok, and that the incident is fully investigated, not just quietly buried. If it is a possible hardware defect, it needs to be fixed (and a recall made, if needed) before anyone else gets hurt.

This is not a problem solely and exclusive to Motorola. There is no need to bash on Motorola. As others have stated, it may be an insurance scam.

It's just one more thing that Droid does that iPhone cannot. Can't beat that open sores OS!

I laughed as I read up to "Droid does..." but then the comment degraded from there. 2 stars for initial effort.

Actually the Android is an open SOURCE operating system, making a pun on "open sores" because his ear was attacked. Use Google next time you don't understand something

Very funny! Open Sores, LOL. (I'm serious.)

But your factually incorrect. Don't you remember a lot of early reports of iPods and I think iPhones blowing up and setting things on fire a few years ago? Just google "iphone explodes" and see all the links.

Looks more like the poor phone was caught between the hand that hit the due and his head. That really does look like impact breakage.

I wish motorola and verizon would stop calling their phones "droid".
It gets annoying having people come up to me and ask "is that the droid phone?"
Besides the droid lineup from motorola are garbage anyway.

I think it's a brilliant marketing idea. Having a special line of "Droid" phones makes the whole line coherent, kind of like how BlackBerry is with their products.



Aunt Bethany said: "What's that sound? Do you hear it? It's a funny squeaking sound."

I don't see how an internal explosion would seem likely given the area in which the damage is (right next to the ear piece would help alleviate/release any pressure) and the manner in which the glass is damaged.

To generate that much force to break the screen (with a release point for pressure) would require a fairly significant "explosion" and would seem to almost certain to have caused some type of hearing damage with that close of a proximity to the ear..

he was probably talking to his wife, said something smart to her so she punched him through the phone, got embarrassed that his wife got him good so he blamed the phone. Lol

Strange how the phone is still intact, it looks as if he (or someone else) smacked the side of his head with it. An explosion would do more than just a crack on the glass, back in 2001 or so a man in China was killed by an exploding phone due to a counterfeit battery, this doesn't look like the battery was involved.

He dropped the phone, didnt realize it was cracked by the ear piece and cut his ear trying to use it.

There is no way that IF the phone exploded, it woould have exploded the way it is shown or even in the vicinity of where it is shown. Whats in that area on the phone? the speaker? The battery is at the lower rear portion of the phone so if that exploded the rear would blow out not the era piece. What else on a phone would explode? CPU/GPU wouldn't, they would just overheat and stop working.

Id call insurance fraud, but the man doesn't have any so he is trying to get Moto to pay for his stupidity.

You may be onto something, it does look like just cracked glass and trying to use it while cutting his ear and claiming it exploded. Like I said in the above post, it doesn't look like an explosion effect at all.

Scary, but there have always been these stories. These are rare, we will have to see if there are more cases that pop up.

Remeber the laptop battery catching fire scare.


FACT - 1
The battery is a Lithium Ion Polymer, and is exposed to the
with only that battery cover to hold it in.

FACT - 2 The Battery is the ONLY thing inside the phone
even remotely capable of "exploding" in any kind of way.

FACT - 3 There is no way IF that battery exploded it would rip through the circuit board of the phone, jump to the other half of it.
and ONLY come through the earpiece?
and the "Phone stayed usable?"

I really hope this is a hoax, I have a DROID (A855) and would hate to find out this could potentially happen.


Capacitors can and do explode, even the small micro ones used on circuit boards. So, are there any on the circuit board? Whether or not this is a hoax will probably be determined in court. No one here can say the phone did or did not explode by looking at that photo.

Hopefully, there will be follow up articles on this subject.

The news story states that the phone still works just fine. The screen is the only thing that is damages. If a capacitor blew on the board then the phone wouldn't work.

Well if be had an htc phone he wouldn't be talking on it at all because he wouldn't have a signal.

Maybe he was driving and pissed someone like me off and at the next stop light I walked up to his window and slammed the f**king phone into his ear just to wake him up!!!!!!!!!!! That is how this most likely happened

Maybe the glass was under abnormal stress due to a manufacturing defect and it just happened to finally give. So not really exploding but rather cracking under pressure.

Maybe he was driving and pissed someone like me off and at the next stop light I walked up to his window and slammed the f**king phone into his ear just to wake him up!!!!!!!!!!! That is how this most likely happened

is everyone serious? the article is about the screen. it is known that tempered glass, with a production defect, can spontaneously break...considering there are all sorts of internal stresses in the glass...why is everyone talking about batteries and capacitors?

and there is WAY too much emphasis in other comments about the actual word explosion, which does not refer to a fiery ball of death, but the fast outward movement of glass shrapnel

the phone didnt explode into a million pieces, just near the part of the glass most prone to defects, the cutout near the speaker, which is clearly outward. case solved.