Maleficent Free Fall

Disney has kicked off a new game for their upcoming film starring Angelina Jolie called Maleficent Free Fall. The play is more or less standard match-3 fare, only following the theme of Sleeping Beauty's classic villainess. Players are presented with a grid of colored gems, and must swap adjacent tiles to match up those of the same color so they disappear. Every stage requires players to eliminate a certain number of gems in a limited number of moves. The standard freemium tropes are employed here, including in-app purchases for power-ups and a timer-based energy system.

The game is free-to-play, with all of the usual tropes like energy and timers, Disney has also made a similar title for their successful film Frozen, not to mention more popular puzzle titles like Where's My Water? It makes sense that Disney continues to pair up their major releases with mobile titles, and the match-3 genre is one a lot of folks are familiar with (even if it's a bit tired for many mobile gamers). Anybody interested in seeing the movie at least? Do you play match-3 titles regularly?


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Disney's Maleficent Free Fall casts a match-3 spell on Android


My wife loves these games to just chill out with. She can now ditch Frozen for this one. Thanks for the link.

My gf got into frozen as well. She hit the IAP wall so hopefully she won't make the same mistake with this one

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I've mainly enjoyed Frozen Freefall due to its music just like the movie. The big advantage Disneys Match3 games have compared to Candy Crush is the daily login reward bonuses too. So if you get stuck on a Level, you can simply stock up on free bonus tools for the week then use them at the weekend to defeat the damn level haha

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