Makerbot Ouya consoles

Just as the first systems are getting ready to ship this week, MakerBot has teamed up with OUYA to make 3D printable cases for the consoles.

The partnership means that anyone who gets their hands on an OUYA and happens to have a MakerBot Replicator 2 can design and print custom cases for their console. OUYA helped create 3D printing design kits, which are available on MakerBot's website for anyone to use. OUYA sees the hardware customization as an extension of their commitment to having an open console.

If you're willing to spend the time (and money) on a 3D printer, there's no reason in their eyes that you shouldn't have a custom case around your OUYA. MakerBot plans to show off the first 3D printed OUYA consoles at the launch event tomorrow in San Francisco, so be on the lookout for some crazy new designs.

Source: MakerBot (BusinessWire)


Reader comments

MakerBot teaming up with OUYA to make 3D printed consoles


That or order one from the millions of sites that will have them available and stop bitching about something so damn stupid

Thinking a custom Ouya case costs $2800 is stupid. Now, thinking $2800 will not only get you a custom Ouya case but will get you many things that many developers and creators plan to make such as: plates, cups, forks, spoons, toys, guns, etc. is smart.

It wouldn't have been long for someone to reverse engineer the specs, but it's nice to see OUYA be proactive about this. I'm still hesitant on their viability, but I'm rooting for them (I bought a box).

Though, part of me thinks they will morph to be a sort of raspberry pi+. Not as cheap, but more powerful and hopefully a strong community behind it.

This will be awesome for custom cases that look nothing like the original case. All you need to know is the mounting points are, then people can run wild. I want the Gray Skull Castle, or the TMNT van.. that would be sweet.