Major Google Play sees savings as much as 85 percent off

Google is having a huge sale on select Google Play app titles with savings as much as 85 percent applying to purchases of apps as well as in-app purchases. Final Fantasy V, Paper Camera, and Weather Pro are among some of the titles included in the sales.

Sales for paid apps and games are as much as 85 percent off while in-app savings are as much as 50 percent off. Be sure to hit the source link below for the full list of titles eligible for the discount.

Do you see anything you like? Let us know what you decide to try out with Google's Play store sale.

Source: Google Play


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Major Google Play sale sees savings as much as 85 percent off


Back to school sale perhaps,similar to the tax free weekend sales going on this weekend here?

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When I read the part about some games having In-App-Purchases at 50% off I was hoping to get some discounts in the Plants vs. Zombies 2 game I play... but, sadly, it was NOT to be. From what I've seen, the IAPs discount seem to only apply to the handful of games listed in this sale.

Couldn't find a single app I'd spend money on, aside from the ones I already own.

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Amazing spider man is worth $2. Fun game so far, can play battles online and story mode offline

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At some point in the past I had purchased SwiftKey on Amazon instead of Google Play (free app of the day at one point if I remember correctly) . Since the app went free with the upgrade to version 5 SwiftKey offered free themes to those that had originally purchased the app. I had been waiting for Amazon to actually offer the upgrade to version 5, but they still don't have it. With the in app sale now on Google Play I was able to move my SwiftKey install over to Google Play, and get a bunch of free themes.

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