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The newly released Nexus S 4G (check out our Nexus S review) on Sprint is already receiving a minor OTA maintenance update, which will be software version GRJ22. According to Sprint, the update will feature several enhancements, including:

  • Improved performance and device security
  • International roaming with Google Voice
  • Tags application when using between two Nexus S devices

If you haven't yet received an update notification, you can manually check by going to:

Menu -> Settings ->About Phone -> System Updates->Update Firmware (or Android)

With the device just launching on Sunday, it's good to see Sprint and Google pushing fixes as soon as they did. If you want to discuss what the update fixed or failed to fix, visit our Nexus S 4G Forums.

Source: Sprint; thanks ibowtoandroid!

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Lucky bastards

svargas05 says:

I do love Sprint!

Mine pushed through about thirty minuets after I picked up the phone yesterday

Nirvana328 says:

I love the Nexus line.

PS: What is the "tags application" ?

jeffdanley says:

I also received the update while setting up the device yesterday.

Tags is the near field communication (NFC) reader on the device. Google has included a NFC tag with the Google IO badges. Simply hold the phone near the tag and the Tags app launches and you can interact with whatever is included in the tag. In this case, it's an inactive URL that will probably be lit up tomorrow when the conference begins.

adrianfern92 says:

My Nexus shipped with this update.

Maven454 says:

What do they mean by international roaming with google voice? It doesn't have world phone capabilities, does it?

lovin my nexus!

rem_kujawa says:

Yeah I got my ota within 20 minutes of activation. I love ota's.

mikevo says:

Mine was pre-installed.