htc magic+

Just when we thought the Rogers Magic was out of the spotlight, Rogers has rebranded it as the Magic+. So what does that + bring? Reports are that it's basically the same, with the new Sense UI with multitouch to the device.

Yeah, it's not the new Sense, but it's Sense nonetheless. Oh, yeah, and reportedly the Magic+ will be receiving its own 2.1 update toward the middle of the year. With the addition of Sense UI and the hopes of 2.1 on the horizon, for $79.99 it seems like a pretty good deal. [MobileSyrup]

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hotkoko says:

MAN, sounds like every other phone is getting 2.1 update Before the droid.

weirdkid says:

That's cause we're still stuck on 1.6

LCW says:

blame vzw and moto for that... lol

Ruben says:

At least the phone looks good....

alimaamoser says:

i want to buy this ............
ultimate max burn

alimaamoser says:

I'm thinking of getting an AT&T Nexus One from Google.
I'm in Canada, and will be using the Rogers network.
As I have never owned a smartphone, I need to know whether or not you need a data plan, as well as a talk&text plan, or simply instead.