Madefire, a company that sells digital comics from DC, IDW, Dark Horse and other publishers, has finally released an app for Android devices via Google Play that could serve to give Amazon's ComiXology app a run for its money.

The release of the Android version was timed to coincide with this week's massive San Diego Comic-Con. Madefire launched its iOS app two years ago so there's been a longer than usual wait for the Android port to be released.

Like ComiXology, Madefire offers lots of digital comics from major publishers, some of which are release day and date with their physical counterparts. However, Madefire has also been developing what it calls "motion comics" in which select digital comic books include audio and animation effects that make reading them a more interactive experience.

Madefire is also allowing independent comic book creators a way to upload their projects so they can be sold from within the app. They can simple upload static comic book pages for publication or they can use Madefire's tools to add audio and animation to their comics before they are released digitally.

What do you think of Madefire finally coming to Android and will it be able to compete with the older and far bigger ComiXology?


Reader comments

Madefire finally brings its digital comic book reader and store to Android


Hmmm. might check it out for some Dark Horse books, but just about everything else that I want to read are provided via Comixology

Not compatible with my Nexus 7 (2012) tablet. Checking out their catalogue on my HTC One (M7). Don't see myself using this on my phone so time will tell if they intend to support my tablet or not.