Madden '12

If a game of touch football isn't your normal tradition for after the Thanksgiving meal, here's an idea: popular EA title Madden NFL '12 is now optimized for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, and can be downloaded from the Android Market for $4.99. If you've played Madden on a touchscreen, you're probably aware that physical controls, while not completely necessary, are certainly the better option. The Xperia PLAY is now available on both AT&T and Verizon for $49.99 on contract. Hit the break for the download link.

Source: Android Market

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slcbtf says:

Too bad this is the only way you can actually see Peyton Hillis in action... (disgruntled fantasy owner)

El Jefe says:

I feel your pain. He was my 2nd round pick.

Damn Madden curse...

kamileon says:

Market link to game takes you to a version that says not compatible with my devise. A search in the market doesn't bring up anything either.

Gadgetroid says:

Its funny that Sony have not yet updated this handset with all the competition in the market. Especially with Mango having Xbox Live compatibility gamers will soon start going that way. Although still a heavy weight it wont be much longer compared to the rivals.

WFMike says:

Screw these games I want my playstation certified device to PLAY PLAYSTATION GAMES! If it's not here by year end then Sony lost a customer, not that they would give a shit.