Sprint-Motorola event

Just a quick reminder that we're lunching with Sprint and Motorola at a little event here in New York City. Will we see the long-rumored Photon? (That's a code name, remember.) Something else? And, most imortant, what are we eating? All that in more in the coming minutes, folks.

Join us for the liveblog after the break!


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Lunch and liveblogging with Sprint and Motorola


I was actually saying "&#$& the Evo 3D" from the start. 3D is a gimmick and just plain retarded on a mobile device. The Photon is certainly in the running for my next device, that is if it is rootable. Seeing what is capable with the Atrix 4G(http://goo.gl/yQ48H), the Moto Webtop feature looks appealing to me.

Photon is exactly what I need. GSM in Europe? HELL YEA. Go on Tour and being able to use my phone in Europe is EXACTLY what I need. :-D
No more SENSE!!! LOL!!! Bring on the accessories. Extended battery, car charger, and case!!! \m/

My problem with Sprint is they are very slow in adding to their 4G network. Live in a suburb of Boston where I have LTE from Verizon and very fast HSPA+ with T-Mobile. AT&T is pittifull, barely getting 500kb on the DL and less on UL. Sprint's 4G is about 1 mile from my house and has been like that for about 1 year. They never increase their 4G coverage, if I go with Sprint I don't think I will ever see 4G. What is with them, has Sprint increased their 4G footprint in the last few months at all? Also I thought I seen somewhere that Sprint might change to LTE, if that is the case all their 4G phones will be paperweights like T-Mobile phones. My Question before I went off track was has Sprint increased their 4G footprint in resent months??? What are they waiting for????