LulzSec, the anti-sec group that quickly rose to Internet infamy over the past month or so, has just as quickly disbanded and disappeared back into the ether -- but not without one last data dump. And buried inside the 450-or-so megabytes is a folder labeled "AT&T internal data." And inside that folder is a massive dump of AT&T's plans, memos, timelines and other sundries regarding its LTE rollout.

Most of the documents are highly technical and are obviously pointed at engineers, talking about the back-end stuff that we never see -- and that most of us have no chance of actually understanding. And the documents themselves are pretty old in the scheme of things, from late 2010 to early 2011. So keep in mind that anything you read in there likely isn't up to date, was never intended for public consumption, and is very likely to change.

But one interesting tidbit is AT&T's apparent plan to market LTE data with various speed tiers, which it's calling "Speed Based Pricing." Verizon's about to switch to tiered pricing for its data plans (3G and 4G), but that's based on total consumption, not speed. The basic idea would be pay more, and you get faster LTE speeds. Not exactly a new premise -- cable companies have been doing this for Internet access for a while now, but it'd be an interesting change in the mobile space.

And then there's "Session Based Pricing," or the option for faster data speeds when you need them (that's the "per session"), even if you're a slower plan. Interesting stuff, actually.

Now, all that said: Something we haven't seen in the leaks are any specific smartphone plans. Nor are there any juicy pictures of upcoming phones and anything. In fact, it could well be that the speed-based pricing will be geared toward laptop-type data and not for smartphones. Will there be a difference between that and smartphones? Dunno. Point is, we're looking at this as an interesting look into what we might eventually see if and when AT&T's LTE network is up and running -- and not as anything written in stone.

Source: LulzSec


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LulzSec's latest (and final) leak drops off dozens of files detailing AT&T's LTE plans


Please. wikileaks is about as helpful as a spy defecting in the 1960's to the USSR. And as such anonymous is nothing more then a bunch of naive kids who think the world works in black and white, and where there should be no consequences for your actions. Seriously we are talking a 7 year old mentality here. anonymous is the internet tech equivalent of a bunch of frat boys getting together, thinking up a retarded idea, and with a group mentality going out and doing it without thinking of the consequences. Meanwhile people who REALLY have no idea whats going on are out on the street watching their antics and cheering them on. Even if the result is a house being burned down...WOO HOOO! Cool dude!

I have zero doubt in my mind that the documents released by wikileaks in all likelihood caused the death of some of our intelligence sources scattered throughout the world. And ignoring the fact that we lost intelligence sources, the fact that it most likely caused deaths should alone be cause for outrage. When you are taking hundreds of thousands of documents being dropped on the net there is no way in hell they went through every one to find out what was appropriate to release and which ones where. They did a dump. Period.

Sorry to inform you, but the dox on LulzSec were found to be incorrect. If they hadn't, you could bet their arrests would have been swift and made the news just like Ryan Cleary's did.

Generally, it's easy for anyone with a bit of foresight to avoid being accurately doxed, at least by civilians, and I imagine Sabu had more than enough of that foresight to know they'd get targeted on all sides.

Personally, LulzSec turned me off a bit because they were so apathetic to innocent people, but in all honesty they had a point; if they could get this info (script kiddies or not), so can any other creep with criminal intent. It was a big wake-up call to me to see how nonchalant companies and websites are about user's privacy.

I wish Verizon had gone the bandwidth limit route instead of limiting usage in gigabytes. I have at&t DSL at home, and I pay for the lower speed and save money. I don't need blazing fast, battery- draining speeds, and I don't like having to monitor my usage.

Speed is worrysome ... so if I'm paying for best speed and atts crappy network has awful signal... I can get my money back? With the current stability of speed this just seems like a joke.

Ok. I'm going to burst everyone's bubble. This roadmap is extremely old. It dates to well before the days of renaming 3G to 4G and the Tmobile mega merger. They're going to sit on the LTE deployment as a condition to get their way with the merger. "If you people don't approve the merger then no high speed Internet for the good people of rural America!"

Funk these carriers. Just give us 100% open networks. I want max speeds, all the time. WTF are we paying for?!(rhetorical)

Interesting, but who cares about AT&T?? If they hacked Verizon and could tell me when the Thunderbolt Gingerbread OTA will be available, then I'd be impressed. :)

I don't know why AC would encourage this anti American organization by publishing this. I understand a leak from a source within a company or even a rogue employee. But these people are self proclaimed anti American terrorists. How important is this document? Is it important enough to compromise your sites integrity?

Amen. I despise LulzSec with the burning intensity of a million blazing suns. I don't know why AC would have ever brought attention to these criminals and they're crimes, especially since the documents in question are admittedly old and the information they contain is very likely out of date. Phil and everyone at AC, I love you guys, I really do. But this was an epic fail on your part.

America needs more journalists like you, in every possible field of news. Even though I don't always agree with you when you editorialize (understatement), I really appreciate the work you put into this site and making it one of the best Android news sites on the web. Thanks.

Anti American Organization...
Your post brought me lulz :]
And apparently news web sites are supposed to censor themselves?
Is that 'american'???
Grow up and learn that this is real life.

What are you talking about?! Freedom of the press isn't allowed in America! It's totally against the Constitution and Jesus and the American Dream™!

Yes they are ''anti-American'' ....their site oozes hatred for us and our government. They have endangered countless American lives by publishing addresses of our law enforcement officers and their families. So why you ''lulz'' and act like a child you need to learn this is real life and not a joke. You need to understand that every website consciously decides what they publish. Lulzsecurity posts their illegally acquired goverment docs on their site( which I can't believe is still operational). Then there is me and I also have the right to express my disappointment in AC for posting this story which has no real impact on anyone, except to bring notoriety to this group. Sometimes (even in America) discretion is appreciated.

AC did the right thing and published the info, why shouldn't they? Anti-american ...lulz. You fake patriots give me the creeps, censorship ftw right ;)

It's called "discretion," not "censorship." Choosing to ignore or destroy information -- or to avoid glorifying or otherwise publicizing a certain party whose actions are a threat to public safety -- is the former, not the latter.

How it is that ANYONE can, in good conscience, support groups that intentionally (or even ignorantly) jeopardize the lives of police officers, their families, paid informants, or intelligence sources, is beyond me... you all make me physically sick.

It's as though you truly don't care at all how many innocent lives may be lost in your blind drive for "transparency"...

I think the fear of a lot of websites and news organizations is that if they report on this story, they fear reprisal and fear that they might be the next contestant to get hacked. As someone with a degree in broadcasting, my journalism teacher would always tell you to "report the story, not be the story". Thank you, Phil for reporting news that is relevant.

This whole thing is crazy... It takes all the joy out of using a phone to the fullest, with the notion that you are going to have your hair standing on end when you crack open your monthly statement.