A highly polished 3D puzzle game hit the Google Play Store today called Lost Toys. In it, players have to take broken wooden toys and rotate their parts around around until they're properly aligned. Once completed, the worn plaything transforms into a painted and fully colored final form.

The pace is very meditative thanks in no small part to the polished original piano soundtrack, and there are no timers or scores to keep track of. A simple indicator lets you undo moves if you want to go back one or more steps. If things are hard, you can take a hint, or skip the puzzle altogether. There are four chapters and 32 puzzles altogether. It's easy to get a Zen Bound 2 vibe from Lost Toys, but it's clear that it's a distinctly different experience.

Lost Toys won a few awards for its iOS version, and taking a look at the trailer, it's easy to see why. You can grab Lost Toys at the link above for $2.99. Any takers? What's your favorite kind of puzzle game?


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Lost Toys offers spooky spin on 3D puzzles


Dammit guys you have to click the "get it on the play store" button

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3 bucks for only 32 puzzles? Sounds a little high, don't you think?
(Ah, how the times change...how much did we pay for the NES Super Mario Bros. again? :P)

Wow... What Is this app compatible with? Not compatible with a Galaxy Note 3. A total of 3 reviews... Makes me wonder.

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Looks like this isn't compatible with almost any decent android device...shame.

Tried emailing the dev at the email provided in the app page, and got a bounce back.


Looks like a different take on the Rubik's Cube. Interesting. Only compatible with my Nexus 7, though, not my Nexus 4 (or my old Photon, lol). Maybe it's tablet only right now?