Logitech Revue with Google TV

The long wait for Google TV is nearly over, folks. Logitech today (as we type this, actually) is unveiling Logitech Revue with Google TV (that's a mouthful) in San Francisco. In a nutshell, it's a set-top box that brings the full power of the Google, the Internet and Android to your living room. And, really, that goes nowhere near doing it justice. There's an option HD camera for video conferencing. 

As for interaction? Well, none of that janky Sony keyboard stuff. (OK, you can get a Mini Controller as an option). But there's also the bad boy you see above, and you will be able to control it from your Android phone.

Needless to say, we're excited about Google TV, even though the Revue's a wee bit on the pricey side at $299. But you know we're gonna buy one. [Logitech]

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Logitech with Google TV - Preorder for $300


I've been keeping an eye on that for a few weeks now, and I know I'll be ordering one from Dish!

Even watched the demo on Engadget and it was cool seeing the box controlled using the Evo (also have that!)

yeah, the fine prints says that with that subsidy a monthly fee will apply. I'm guessing $300 will easily be the better price down the road, rather than tack on $5 or $10 every month. It's too bad that its pretty expensive. I think the right price point would have been $175 - $200 so its less of a drastic decision for every household to just pick one up. $300 is getting up there, IMO. Obviously, I'd rather have the $100 price point, but that probably wouldn't happen.....

Yea, at first the rumor was that it would just need to be downloaded (free) to VIP receivers, now you need the subsidized box because the receivers don't have enough horsepower. I think I'll go for it that price, but not sure I'd jump on it at $300. Especially not at first. But I always say that and then buy it anyways lol!

Will this also stream content across your home network? Would love to replace my buggy WD TV Live with this.

Logitech failed with the price tag. Will wait for the Google TV to be installable on my Linux box. I will place my Linux box by my TV. 299.99?? They're out of their minds.

$300 is too much for the average consumer, especially for something brand new like this...and have there even been any good mainstream commercials for this yet? So far, not ONE person I have talked to at college or work (or in my family) know what "a Google TV" is. No one's even heard of it, but they want you to spend $300 on it...

I think I'll have to wait until the other options with Google TV come out and the price starts dropping slightly.

hmmm... they missed my price point a bit. $200, sure, $300, I'm going to hesitate a bit and see their implementation with set-top cable boxes (I have cox).

+2 Ive got a PS3 in the master bedroom and in the living room and both just collect dust. I do use the bedroom one for the occasional Blu-Ray but thats about it.

Maybe if you could watch your TV from home on your phone like another product; but, with all these features: 300 would be a reasonable price.

Why doesn't it to do that... lol

Wish I had an HD capable television. Pathetic, I know. Budget, kids.

I might have to fake a sledgehammer to one of the tv's so we can get a new one AND order this beauty.

I live in Canada but can order it through a friend in the states, does anyone know if it will it work the same in Canada? If it does, I am so buying one of these.