Minecraft Lloyd

Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen?

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I could think of something cooler... Like Minecraft for Android... My Xoom is dying to play it!

MowDownJoe says:

What bugs me is that Minecraft is written in Java, which Android is based on. But Notch is choosing to make the iPhone version first then using the Android NDK to get it running on Android... you think a quick and easy Android port would be first.

hoosiercub says:

Nonsense, Notch hasn't said one way or another, we are still a long way off from minecraft for iOS or Android. They have to finish it for PC/MAC first.

enzofall says:

Notch has never said anything close to what your implying...

enzofall says:

Daw' you guys flatter me!

No it's not the coolest thing I've seen. Lloyd is stupid and I'm sick of seeing him to tell the truth... He's not nearly as awesome as you always make him out to be hah

No dissin' Lloyd, Troll.

cordell507 says:

trolly polley

shmigga says:

I agree. You guys need to stop showing this Lloyd character all the time. He looks constipated.

sprinttouch says:

pretty awesome

Haha, that's pretty cool. It's surprisingly accurate to the original Lloyd picture, too.

enzofall says:

Thanks ;D

Chris says:

Yeah. aside from being backwards. lol Still pretty cool.

enzofall says:

Well its not really. I built it from the other side but forgot and too the picture from this side.

Luce says:

Cool stuff.

That's a very nice Lloyd you got there, be a sssshame if something happen to it.....Ssssssss XD

pensfan18 says:

You better get that coal!!!

Beezzy says: