We're liveblogging Motorola's London launch, where we're expecting to meet the new Moto E

We're live in London for the launch of Motorola's next smartphone, which we're expecting to be the budget-centric Moto E, which just launched in India. Set to come to market around the $100 mark, Moto is hinting at an affordable product designed to finally consign the flip-phone to history.

And the rumored specs aren't too shabby either — a dual-core Snapdragon 200 CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 4.3-inch qHD display, a 1980 mAh battery and a 5 MP camera along with Android 4.4 KitKat. We'll see how things pan out in just a few minutes, so head past the break and follow the morning's event live from London! The action kicks off at 9am UK time — that's 4am EDT, or 1am PDT.


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Live from Motorola's London launch event!


That's fantastic.

Significantly better qualities and functionalities than our smartphones only 3 years ago.

And for $100.

Wow! Can you imagine the Google Android market share.

Motorola is attaching the low end market. Very smart move if you're going for volume of product rather than cost. I'd sell these to everyone. And it has KitKat no less.

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It is around 117$ in here in India, goes on sale from midnight. Excited to have more people use better smartphones so we can have better web serivces.

Yeah. It should be interesting to see how it affects the budget segment in the country. I do not see any reason to buy Micromax or Karbonn Mobiles handsets anymore.

Damn :-( oh well I still love my original moto g even if it doesn't have a micro sd or 4g

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I would have like to see a better price differential here in the UK. The 8gb moto go is £100 in most places now.

So £10 isnt much of a difference.

However I guess if they stop that moto g and replace it with the new 4g variant, then £89 and £149 is a gap showing the worth.

Motorola g
4.7inch amoled display
Full hd
2Ggb ram
16/32gb storage
Micro sd slot

All this for £149, that I would buy

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You cant get that even with cheap China brand flagship,quit dreaming and stop being a stinky person

You miss the point of the moto g and even the moto e. They are not made to be powerful hardware wise but rather software wise. The idea been that by not using a skin or tonnes of bloatware the hardware and software work better together than any of those bloated up competitor phones in the budget category hell the moto g even works better than some flagship phones just because it doesn't run stuff like touchwiz on top of Android

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