Live in Dallas? Verizon wants you to win an HTC Thunderbolt and a private party with Mark Cuban

If you live in the Dallas and are a basketball fan who also happens to want an HTC Thunderbolt -- you're in luck. Verizon wants to give you of 'Bolt if you're willing to play their game -- and are able to win at it. In addition to a free HTC Thunderbolt you and 10 friends also get to attend a party with Mark Cuban.

The contest itself isn't as easy as it sounds though, you'll have to follow Mr. Cuban on Twitter in order to find out where game pieces of a puzzle are and collect them. Once collected, you have to attend the HTC Thunderbolt launch party at on April 6 at Victory Park Plaza, and the more pieces you have, the better chance you have at winning. [Twtvite]

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svargas05 says:

Because Dallas is the sh*t.

I love the D/FW :)

CharlieL3 says:

Follow Mark Cuban on Twitter? I wouldn't follow him across the street. I couldn't care less about Mark Cuban.

svargas05 says:

I think following on Twitter will always be less creepy than following somebody across the street...

tejasoffroad says:

DFW is where it's at. Moving back when i graduate this may. But i wouldn't attend a party with Cuban. Some friends close to him say he's effin crazy.

Hand_O_Death says:

Well, winning a Thunderbolt in a contest IS pretty awesome.

dallasfever says:

So i have to drive to 4 stores to pick up a piece of paper then attend a event to possibly win a phone along with 1000 others. #NODEAL