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Verizon this morning during its Q3 earnings call said it sold some 3.4 million Android smartphones, beating even the iPhone (3.1 million) for the quarter. We'll probably see that number shift a bit in the fourth quarter, given that the iPhone 5 didn't go on sale until Sept. 21 -- leaving only 10 days left in the quarter. So don't read too much into that.

But consider:

It's a two-horse race, still. And it's a good one.

And don't forget that Google's Q3 earnings will be released this afternoon.


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A little perspective ...


While iPhone 5 sales will increase in the 4th Q, their sales are very front loaded, so don't dismiss those 10 days - which includes all the pre-orders. Like a blockbuster movie it does a huge portion of its sales at the open.

Good point, but that still leaves some 80 days without an iPhone 5. Should be interesting to see.

(Also: I slipped and had 3.9 million Android phones. Have corrected.)

I would think it would remain flat. most iphone 5 purchase would have happened at the launch date. unlike ATT, verizon iphone was released feb 2011 so most people who purchased iphone 4 or 4s are still on contract and wont upgrade to iphone 5.

Also, don't forget about the devout Apple geeks like myself that ate of the forbidden fruit of Android and switched to a Galaxy S III from an iPhone 4 instead of an iPhone 5 :P

And also don't forget that most of the iphone early sales are upgrades, because Apple has been eating its young for many years.

I really don't see anyone leaving android for a broken iphone with horrible maps and missing LTE.

Get a grip on reality, the iPhone is not broken, it kicks any Android phone in the ass, including the overrated GS3, also, the iPhone still competes with tens of Android makes and models. Yesterday i converted my sister in law from Android to iPhone and she said after using it for one day that she will never go back, yay!

I am glad you like the iPhone. I do however dislike bashing from either side. I come to Android central because I love the podcast, the hardware, and technology. I currently use an iPhone 4S, but am always curious to see new technology. Please keep that in mind before going off the handle.

That's funny, because I just did the same thing with my neighbor, only I converted her over from iPhone to Android. NFC (very cool little items!!!); live wallpapers (especially those by DualBoot Games and Maxelus); Recent Apps; multi-tasking; superior Notification Bar; customizable widgets; the App Drawer for quick storage out of your way; Tasker; an unobtrusive search field on EVERY screen; Google Now; Jelly Bean's updated voice feature; which is more natural (and apparently more accurate) than Siri; a deliciously gorgeous image; no purple haze on my pictures; no scratches on the phone's surface right out of the box... in fact, no scratches EVER on this finish; included and free Google Maps with turn-by-turn voice and/or written directions; and I could go on. I may not have the "flagship" GS3, but I ADORE my Galaxy Nexus, and wouldn't trade it for an iPhone 5 EVER.
So, my question for you is... in what way does the iPhone kick Android's ass?

The iphone 4s should sue the iphone 5 for copying it. a 1/3 rd of a bigger screen and lte, what freaking innovation.

One thing that I don't see reported often are the demographics related to sales. I would bet that there are more younger people (students) getting Android phones (I see it - I'm a teacher.) as they can be had for much cheaper. Unfortunately, what I see in schools and some business for adults, is that the iPhone/iPad dominates, which makes being an Android user as an adult in the workplace/schools more challenging.

TO me it seems younger people want iPhones. All of my daughter's friends(16 - 17 y/o) want iPhones but are jealous of her Galaxy S2. Kids will talk their parents into buying whatever they can and the iPhone is still a very popular device. Add in the fact that parents that own iPhones are more likely to buy an iPhone or give them the hand-me-down iPhone than to branch out and purchase an Android phone.

Back to the sales figures. Not surprising at all. And nice, the Lumia is probably going to overtake RIM any second now... any ..... second ...... nooooowwwwww

I have an iPhone and just bought my son an iPhone 5. One of his friends has an iPhone 4s and the rest of his friends are on various Android phones. His friend with the iPhone 4s' parents are also iPhone owners while his Android totting friends parents use whatever's cheapest (usually a $0 with contract Android device). Kind of interesting.

Does Windows Phone really have any chance or even BB? I hope they both can exist but those numbers aren't good.

Does Verizon get into any specifics as to which Android phones have sold?

Probably not for Blackberry. As Apple and Google get even more enterprise-friendly, there influence will be less and less.

As for Microsoft, I wouldn't ever count out a company with its resources. Will a Windows Phone ever get as popular as Apple or Android? Maybe...Maybe not. However, of the other players in the game, Microsoft is the one company with the resources to possibly pull it off. I'm not going to say it will happen, but there is a chance.

I would think that iphone 5 sales would increase in Q4 due to the fact that big box stores will start having inventory as well as the holiday season looming. But other things to consider are the Galaxy Note 2 release as well as the RAZR HD and Razr Maxx HD dropping today. It will be a prosperous quarter for Verizon for sure.

Due to the fact Apple products are marketed 10x better, and are readily available in "good" schools districts (iPads), i-devices are just way more popular than Android in that demo.

Most tweens/teens don't even know what an "android" is. They might have heard of "DROID" before, thats about it. Good work Verizon, you helped put Android on the map with that branding!!!!

Anyhow.. the reality is many people DONT have the ability to pony up on contract, and that's where those lower end Androids phones pick up so much steam.

I can't help but feel like BB just filled a few trailers with phones and shipped them from one warehouse to another...

When people ask me what phone I have, I say "Oh I have the Samsung Galaxy phone" and it's usually sufficient for them to know what it is because they recognize the name, and often ask how I like it compared to an iPhone. I have a Galaxy Nexus by the way. I don't have the patience to explain what a Nexus/Google is, and how it's a cousin of a Galaxy Phone with Android operating system....

The issue is each device isn't given the care in branding and marketing that Apple gives to the iPhone. (Exception being Samsung who finally caught on with the Galaxy devices)

I hope Sammy continues to improve and innovate on the hardware end, and keep building on the Galaxy name because to this day I can't think of another true single device competitor against the iPhone. If only they would just leave the software end to Google and skip the half baked apps like S Voice etc...

I am also the owner of a Galaxy Nexus, previous owner of a Droid X, and though I agree with you on the brand identity that Samsung has established with the "Galaxy" moniker, it doesn't compare to the "Droid" branding. Like a commenter said above, there are tons of people who have no idea what Android is but know all about Droid phones. Verizon really did a great job marketing that line because so many people I know don't even call them Android phones. they are all Droids

I actually have to give you proper credit here, very true.

Originally when I wrote my wall of text above, I had a different format that read something along the lines of "Droid" and "Galaxy" being the two most recognized but in an effort to shorten the post I didn't touch on Verizon's accomplishment with that, but you are correct.