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We've always said that its U.S. offerings notwithstanding, LG really can crank out smartphone hardware when it wants to -- see the Optimus Z for a current example. What's coming next? Why, that's a 4-inch dual-core Tegra 2 phone you see above you, according to Engadget's tipster. It's sporting an 8-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, 1500mAh battery, 1080p video recording -- and needs to be in my hands, like, now. OK, OK. But it's said to be coming in early 2011, so here's to hoping it makes an appearance at CES in January. [Engadget]


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LG Star: Dual-core Tegra 2 in 2011


That is really mature of you Evan! You don't want the spend the rest of your contract with good looking girl who can't even run a widget.

They gonna need to get bigger batteries in these duel core big screen phones, I don't think 1500 is gonna do the job.

I HAVE to agree there. The EVO takes a serious beating... don't even TRY to put on the 4G lmao . . .

Unless Gingerbread is ridiculously optimized I think I'll have to start shopping in the aftermarkets for Beefier batteries . . . or carry 2 like I do now.

I think the complete opposite will happen. I am a heavy equipment operator and some of the really big equipment that moves huge amounts of soil (Excavators) have two smaller diesel engines vs. one really big one. The reason is two smaller engines are more efficient, run cooler and use less fuel than one really big engine. I don’t see why the same principals cannot be applied here. A dual core processor with the right software can divide the load allowing the processor to run cooler more efficiently and wait for it......use less energy. I know I may be wrong but I am betting we will see smaller dual core processors in the future giving us better battery life than we see with single core today and pulling heavier loads.

That is a VERY good idea. I can only hope that phone processors mimic the efficiency of heavy machinery.

Drawing your analogy further, these Tegras are much more powerful than any previous processor. Your principal works for clockspeed, where the power drawn is the squared of the power increase, but not for dual core processors (which have less than 2x the performance of any one core CPU).

AT this point maybe, They haven't even been released yet. What we see in performance will be vastly different between the early models and the more mature models 6 months to a year into production. As usual the early adopters will pay the price at the beginning.

1500mAh?! They're joking right? On continuous heavy usage, an X10 won't last 3-4 hours and it's running on a 1500mAh! This one's probably going to be slightly better than half that duration! Come on, boys! Use your brains and not your testicles.

That "metal slip down the center" could that be a kickstand? That would be a freakin awsome design. I agree with the 1500mAH battery being way to small... Ill have to buy 3 extras just to use my phone all day.

Am I missing something or is a potential carrier unknown? If it's truly going to run stock Android my guess would be T-Mobile ... again.

looks nice...going to wait to see what else is released...rumors are there will also be a motorola olympus and a galaxy s2...gonna compare those and see which one is best and ill get that one

While LG isn't know for making high end phones, I'm not going to shoot this one down having not seen/handled it. I've had LG feature phones for the past however long and they haven't let me down. And the fact that it had the tegra 2 makes it very intriguing.

I believe this device is Verizon bound-because Engadget ran an article about it (as did Android Central now that I think about it) showing that exact same phone (more or less) with Verizon branding

Current rumors are saying that Verizon may have chosen not to pick this phone up and instead run their Moto T2 as their flagship dual core and this phone may be heading to T-Mobile... which is Bulls%^t. Why does such a crappy carrier get another great phone? It doesn't make any sense... and then Verizon gives us MotoBlurred and Binged phones... I love verizons coverage and would find it very hard to leave them but they are butchering the Android devices coming to them and its getting pretty irritating. The Droid1 and Droid incredible have been the only good phones for Verizon so far and thats a real shame.

Great specs if the battery can handle it. And it apparently has a unique feature in that it's bigger when you look at the front face, smaller when you look at the back.