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One of Verizon's many mid-range LTE phones from early this year, the LG Spectrum (remember that one?), is poised to receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich soon. The update to software version VS920ZV7 will bring the device up to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and include many of the features and design that we've seen on other recent LG devices. The support page notes that a couple Verizon "enhancements" will be coming with the update as well -- Verizon Remote Diagnostics and a Viewdini app.

The Verizon support PDF doesn't indicate a specific date for when the update will be rolling out, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the users in the forums will be talking about it the moment it starts.

Source: Android Central Forums; Verizon (PDF)

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someguy01234 says:

How did Apple's lawyers miss looked this one?

sharique89 says:

Coz this isn't the one that sold 10Mil Units :D

davelisa3210 says:

You've got to be kidding me. ICS this late in the game. How long has it been? It's all welcome, whatever OTA that's coming. So June of 2013 will have jb? And June is being generous.

JeffDenver says:

You really think the Spectrum is going to see Jellybean eventually?
Thats adorable.

Pascalwb says:

Optimus 2X P990 still without ICS :D At least SU660 ICS is out waiting for source codes and CM10.

tyson.clarke says:

It'll probably never get JB OTA.

But I'm glad this seriously underrated phone is getting some attention finally.

JeffDenver says:

Yeah, the hardware was awesome. I still think it had the best display of it's time, and it is still better than any non-HTC phone out right now. And it is snappy for an S3 dual core. It is snappier than my Rezound.

JeffDenver says:

So this article is saying that hell is about to freeze over? Good to know.


Since when did the Spectrum get classified as a mid range phone? At the time of its release it was one of 3 maybe four phones with an HD screen. That alone takes it out of the mid range level....anyway...can't wait for the update!!!!

Premium1 says:

Agree it was far from "mid range" when it launched. Still has one of the better screens on any phone.