LG Spectrum update

Fire up your brand new LG Spectrum tonight and you'll likely see a wee update waiting for you. The mere 10.09-megabyte update takes you to software version VS920ZV4 and does the following:

  • Netflix playback issue corrected

Awesome. We like Netflix. But the fact that it takes an update on the phone is a bit ridiculous, no? At least it's a small update. And quick. But we digress.

More: LG Spectrum update PDF; LG Spectrum forums


Reader comments

LG Spectrum gets software update to fix Netflix playback


I went from a BB Storm to BB Tour and now I have the DroidX...can someone honestly tell me what is wrong with LG?
Let's say I dont care about updates/ICS....Lets say I root the phone and change everything anyway...
The hardware on this phone looks like it is on par with thee top of the line phones right now. I don't understand the hating on LG.

Decent hardware, but buggy software. That's what's wrong with LG. Most people don't root like we do, so they're stuck with LG official updating. Of which I'm sad to say is none existent.

Well...I would call this a UPDATE... and a quick one at that!!! I wish all the LG hating would stop, they have already announced the ICS update ... so what else do people want?