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LG’s Optimus 4X HD may have only just landed on European store shelves, but already it seems the Korean company may be preparing a new high-end smartphone for multiple territories. Korean news site Asia Today reports that the device is currently codenamed “Optimus G,” and that it’ll come with 4G LTE connectivity, a 4.7-inch screen, quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera. On the software side, reports indicate a combination of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and LG’s Optimus UI 3.0.

Asia Today reports that LG is positioning the phone as a direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S3, and if the reports of quad-core Krait lurking inside are true, the "Optimus G" should certainly give Samsung’s flagship a run for its money in benchmarks.

Eagle-eyed readers will remember that this isn’t the first quad-core S4-based LG phone we’ve heard whispers about. The Sprint LG Eclipse has cropped up a few times over the past month, most recently at the FCC. The jury’s out on whether this is the same device, but the hardware specs certainly look familiar.

Despite the fact that IFA 2012 -- a major tech show -- is just around the corner, our understanding is that LG won’t showcase any major new phones in Berlin next week. So if these rumors do turn out to be accurate, we’ll likely have to wait a little longer to get our first glimpse of the Optimus G.

Source: Asia Today, via: TechRadar


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LG rumored to be prepping new high-end 'Optimus G' for global launch


Quad core and LTE in the same sentence? If it comes to the US, it will defintely be a hit. I dont think it will outsell or even come close to the numbers that the Galaxy S3 has; but i do think it will sell well as long as it's priced right. If it's $300, then it's dead on arrival IMO.

definitely not from what I heard LG was expecting to outsell the GS3 with the optimus LTE2 in Korea...ya like thats gonna happen

Well...why is everybody using that alphabetical naming scheme? Don't confusing names put potential customers off? Just make a name that is as simple as iPhone...I'm serious about this. (Oh but this message is better suited for Samsung.)
Anyway this sounds like a nice device. Let's hope LG will rectify their bad track record.

Quad core, LTE, or less than $400Cdn or not, as any long time smartphone (8+ years) user knows, without software update support from the Manufacturer, the product has little else in appeal.

Case in point; LG Optimus P990/P999, Android 4.0 ICS update...vaporware. HTC Jetstream LTE Tablet, Android 4.0 ICS update...vaporware. Etc, etc, etc.

You may be able to get updates via rom hacks, but THEY are all really experimental and have bugs which often renders the devices unreliable at times you most take for granted.

Everyone likes variety and choices, but Samsung (and a few others) shows real commitment and delivers in updates, which to me is more than 50% of the decision factor in choosing a Smartphone.