LG Revolution promo materials

While we're still waiting on official word for exactly when the LG Revolution will launch on Verizon -- it's one of the phones announced way back at CES almost five months ago (see our first-look) -- word on the street is that we could see it this Thursday, May 26. We just got sent this picture of in-store promo materials and a dummy unit, so it certainly looks like things are getting close, eh?

To refresh: The Revolution is LG's 4.3-inch Android 2.2 device with a 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 5MP camera. It's an LTE-capable device and can act as a Wifi hotspot for up to eight devices.


Reader comments

LG Revolution promo materials hitting stores


High Mega-pixels doesn't equal high quality

5mp is fine as long as the rest of the optical components are high quality.

It's like Best Buy sales reps. All they know is MP. More MP means better pic to them. It's kinda silly that people expect a sensor the fraction of the size to a DSLR to produce stunning pics.

Verizon really needs to release a Dual core 4G phone soon. I wish the Bionic/Terga was ready for market. It's silly that AT&T is going to have the beast of a phone the HTC Holiday soon and VZW is still releasing android 2.2 single core. They really need to have a flagship phone again.

Did they design this in a universe where Apple packaging doesn't exist?*

*I'm jus' sayin'...†

†I'm ardent Android user and avid Mac fan