LG Revolution

Good news for those of you waiting anxiously for the LG Revolution -- the 4.3-inch, LTE-capable Froyo device (see our first look from CES) is hitting the hands of testers, which brings it that much close to hitting your pocket. The Revolution isn't the latest and greatest from LG, which is a shame, cause its latest and greatest is pretty darn good. But it's a slight shade better than a lot of what's out there, even if Bing is still on board.

We've got more shots of the demo phone after the break. Thanks, anon!

LG RevolutionLG Revolution

LG Revolution

LG Revolution


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eric6052 says:

Specs wise this seems so similar to the Thunderbolt imhaving a hard time figuring out Verizons strategy here. It basically comes down to cosmetics and of course do you want Sense or not.

EggoEspada says:

This phone features Netflix and wireless charging. I'm sure theres more goodies in this phone too.

rippley05 says:

They seriously need to remove that bottom bar from the clock widget, mainly the accuweather.com part. It looks like you have an add on your homescreen at all times. It would look much better without it =p

That is a sexy looking phone, hopefully it can be rooted so you can get the god awful Touchwiz ripoff UI off of it. I know you can run other launchers but that won't let you get rid of the awful icons, mainly that 2nd grade battery. =p

It's fine tho because I don't think LG is locking their phones down, I just hope they perform.

sookster54 says:

It's not Touchwiz ripoff, LG are the one that started that UI before Samsung did. However I wish LG didn't adapt it to their new phones, the LG Home was fine.

LG makes decent phone that costs less than most other phones with identical specs, I'd only pick HTC and LG when it comes to Android phones.

goblueboy says:

probably not a good idea to place the "android central" at the bottom of the pic where nothing matters. easily shopped out

mooshie says:

Why is there 3 different times displaying on that first picture?

Jaymil says:

I don't know.. I think they might have been able to fit another logo or two on the back... Seriously that's the one thing that makes me jealous of the iphone...stop it with all the damn logos. We know who made the phone and we know what carrier we are on.

original00 says:

I agree that this handset makes less sense with the thunderbolt out. So what....it'll be known as the netflix phone??? It has basically the same specs as the tb sans sense. Why not take the optimus 3d at least to differentiate the lineup a little, or a keyboard.... (scratching my head)

SUB-dawg says:

looks like it's got bing. and so comes it's downfall.

supreme4life says:

Is Bing removable? If not no deal ill pass.

mjforte says:

This is my problem with Verizon's upcoming lineup of LTE phones...they are all 4.3 inch phones, just made by a different manufacturer. I really hope the Droid 3 ends up being LTE or else every 4G phone is the same.

Man I smell a foul odor coming from Verizon with all these last year's specs on these devices. Guess Verizon thinks these devices are cutting edge. Great way to go Verizon rocks

Droid hungry says:

Isn't this also supposed to be the VoLTE phone too?

This has a Menu, Home, Back, Search button order. Why can't Android manufacturer's come out with a standard for button placement? My HTC EVO 4G has Home, Menu, Back, Search placement, while my girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize has a Menu, Home, Back, Search placement. The biggest difference I've seen is the switching of the Home and Menu buttons, but I've also seen Motorolas with the Back button as the first on the left. I've also seen Android phones with only 3 buttons across the bottom.

Anyone know if this will ever be standardized?

xeroslash says:

and my nook only has an "N" button. SUP WIT DAT?

I thought the Bing contract with Microsoft was finished? Wished this would have went with the Vanilla Android OS like the G2X carries.